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July 10th:  Another twist in the saga of crony and politicised broadcasting appointments on which we reported on May 16th. The Financial Times reports that BBC Director, Sir Robbie Gibb, sought to block a senior editorial appointment. Jess Brammar, former editor of HuffPost UK and deputy editor of BBC Newsnight, emerged as the favoured candidate in the recruitment process, but Gibb objected on grounds that it would shatter the government’s “fragile trust in the BBC".


July 10th: In this article, the direct action group Palestine Action claims Instagram has been disabling its account with a view to censoring resistance against Israel’s arms trade. It tells how the group has been removed from no less than eight social media platforms, and how the lawyers of Elbit Systems have been involved in many of these cases, "targeting our pages and harassing those who host us with lawfare". 

May 27th: Charlotte Leslie, Director of the Conservative Middle East Council (CMEC), posts an interesting article on Israel/Palestine. See comment by Jonathan Coulter below the article, referring to his blog about Sir Alan Duncan's diaries.


May 21sta very interesting Byline TV podcast about the Murder of Daniel Morgan in 1987, in Sydenham, South London.  It is the most investigated murder case in British history and seems to be the source of endless cover-ups and corruption involving the police and the mainstream media. The sixth inquiry into this murder promises to reveal very interesting results, but Priti Patel has given the story a further twist by taking steps to delay publication. 


April 9th: Former Foreign Office Minister Sir Alan Duncan has accused pro-Israel lobbyists of "the most disgusting interference" in British politics, and of negatively influencing the country's foreign policy in the Middle East - see article in Middle East Monitor and Channel 4 Clip.


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