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Open Letter to the BBC, from licence-fee payers

Dear Mr Davie

We, the undersigned, greatly value the BBC in terms of its declared mission and public purposes. We all pay the licence fee or have done so most of our working lives.

Precisely because of this, we are deeply disturbed by the way the BBC has been reporting allegations about the scale of antisemitism in the Labour Party since the middle of the last decade.

We do not write on behalf of any party-political grouping. The group coordinating this effort is called CAMPAIN [i], a resolutely non-partisan body that includes people of all political parties and none. Its aim is simply to improve truthfulness and raise standards in public life. Our complaint is rooted in the belief that the BBC should uphold its Charter in terms of accuracy and impartiality.


Here are just a few examples of the BBC’s shortcomings in its coverage of this topic:

  • The BBC has repeatedly reported the narrative about Labour antisemitism as a fact, without checking the veracity of the underlying allegations [ii]. This was evident, for example, in Laura Kuenssberg’s reporting during the 2016 local election campaign and her statement on News at Ten immediately following the Panorama documentary Is Labour Antisemitic? of July 2019 [iii]. See also Kirsty Wark’s repeated interruptions on Newsnight of Jewish interviewees who, based on their own experience, denied the existence of widespread antisemitism within the Labour Party and complained that the concept had been weaponised to undermine Jeremy Corbyn [iv].

  • The Panorama documentary fell far short of the BBC’s own standards, as shown in the Media Reform Coalition’s catalogue of reporting failures regarding impartiality and accuracy [v].  Notably, the documentary withheld from viewers the facts that: (a) at least nine of the ten uncaptioned people testifying to antisemitism had played leading roles in anti-Corbyn and pro-Israeli organisations and could in no way be considered typical Party members [vi] (b) there was a lack of balance in the selection of expert witnesses [vii]. Furthermore, Panorama relied on Ben Westerman’s testimony upon which a recording casts serious doubt, and a statement from Izzy Lenga that stretched credibility beyond reasonable bounds [viii]. The documentary also showcased interviewees’ erroneous claims that the Corbyn leadership had interfered in disciplinary cases involving allegations of antisemitism [ix].

  • The BBC failed to meaningfully respond to the very serious allegations in the Al Jazeera’s Labour Files documentary series about the shortcomings of the Panorama documentary.

  • The BBC has consistently failed to shine an investigatory light on the interest groups and lobbyists behind the stream of accusations about antisemitism, and the relentless push for the adoption of the highly contested IHRA working definition of antisemitism. For this coverage, the public has had to rely on foreign broadcasters like Al Jazeera and principled independent journalists like Peter Oborne. Hence, our national broadcaster has defaulted on its responsibility.

  • By these actions and lack of action, the BBC has missed a historic opportunity to play a positive role in the functioning of British democracy in accordance with its Charter.  Had it properly investigated these matters, it could have enlightened public discourse in the run-up to a general election while calming unjustified fears among many Jewish voters [x] and others. Instead, it became complicit in a campaign of misinformation. We fear that if this lesson is not learned, history will repeat itself.


We ask the BBC to respond to each of these points, taking account of the evidence in the endnotes and links below.  We look forward to receiving a thorough and well-evidenced reply.


Kind regards


The undersigned (see below endnotes)



[i] Campaign against Misrepresentation in Public Life, Information and the News, 

[ii] The questionable nature of these allegations has long been evident from information in the public domain – see summary articles here and here. Available statistics in no way supported the thesis that the Labour left was a hotbed of rampant antisemitism, and showed that prejudice towards most if not all minorities, including Jews, was higher on the right of the political spectrum.

[iii] See BBC News at Ten, 10th July 2019. Political editor Laura Kuenssberg intoned gravely: Many party members have left, and if Labour can’t get a grip of racism in its own ranks, what might they lose next?

[iv] This is demonstrated in two clips from the Not the Andrew Marr Show, the first called Is it worth appearing on mainstream TV? and the second called How Newsnight stitched up key debate. 

[v] MRC’s statement can be seen here.

[vi] At least eight were officers or former officers of the Jewish Labour Movement. Another, Phil Rosenberg, had worked for 8 years and 8 months as Director of Public Affairs at the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

[vii] One witness was employed by the British-Israel Communications and Research Centre (BICOM), a privately-funded campaign to strengthen Israel's image and support in the UK, and that treats opposition to Zionist ideology as practically the same as antisemitism. The other was a deputy director of the Community Security Trust (CST) who has written a book entitled ‘The Left’s Jewish Problem: Jeremy Corbyn, Israel and Antisemitism’, containing views disputed by many Jewish Labour members and academics. Panorama did not interview any of the latter.

[viii] Here are clips about Ben Westerman and Izzy Lenga from the Al Jazeera Labour Files documentary. Richard Sanders provides further information about Izzy Lenga in this article, saying that her statements ought surely to have set alarm bells ringing at the BBC for anyone with even the remotest familiarity with the internal culture of the Labour Party. In a carefully worded entry on the BBC's "Corrections and Clarifications" page of 14 December 2022, the Corporation said that if Lenga's testimony was ever shown again, it would include comments to give viewers "further context" about her experiences. Coming more than three years after the broadcast, this posting has been widely interpreted as an admission that Lenga's contribution was deliberately edited in such a way as to maximise the damage to Labour.

[ix] For information on this and other matters cited under this bullet, see Al Jazeera, The Labour Files, The Crisis, from 41:50 mins to 48.40 mins. Far from what was stated in the Panorama documentary, the Labour leader’s office did not intervene to protect members under investigation.

[x] This article contains abundant evidence about Corbyn’s anti-racist credentials and shows that anti-Jewish feelings are low in Britain relative both to other countries in Europe and to feelings against other minority groups. It quotes Antony Lerman, former Director of the Institute of Jewish Policy Research saying that there is probably no place more secure for Jews anywhere else in the world.


Disclaimer: we have enabled a double opt-in function to check the identity of signatories. However we are unable to exhaustively check all details on all signatories, for which reason we rely on the truthfulness of the information they provide. Sometimes we have added details that are in the public domain.

Jonathan Coulter, Secretary of CAMPAIN,

Tim Llewellyn, former BBC Middle-East Correspondent, now member of Labour Party, Balfour Project Executive Committee and CAMPAIN

Dr Peter Shambrook, historian and Balfour Project Trustee

Dr Swee Ang, orthopaedic surgeon and co-founder of Medical Aid for Palestinians, member of CAMPAIN

Sir Iain Chalmers, from Oxford, leading health services researcher, worked in Gaza for two years as UNRWA medical officer 

Ghada Karmi, a Palestinian-born academic, physician and author living in London, and "signing as an individual Palestinian much harmed by the witch hunt of pro-Palestinian sympathisers using antisemitism as a pretext"

Kenny MacAskill, Alba Party MP for East Lothian

Crispin Blunt, Conservative MP for Reigate, and Chair of the parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee 2015-2017

Clare Short, retired Labour MP from London

Rev. Mark Battison, member of CAMPAIN committee, former Chair of Sabeel-Kairos

Ken Loach, film director

Holly Loach, script reader and personal assistant to CEO, Voltage TV

Paul Laverty, screenwriter

Miranda Pinch, Producer  of the film 'From Balfour to Banksy', member of committees of CAMPAIN and Lib Dem Friends of Palestine

Dr. Tom Mills, of Aston University, signing on behalf of the Media Reform Coalition (MRC) which he chairs

Riaz Meer, Vice-Chair, Media Reform Coalition

Natalie Fenton, Professor of Media and Communications, Goldsmiths College, London

David Cannon, Chair of Jewish Network for Palestine (JNP)

Haim Bresheeth-Zabner, Professorial Research Associate at SOAS, member of BRICUP and JNP, signing on behalf of JNP

Linda Speight, member of steering group of Jewish Network for Palestine (JNP)

Joanna Nowicki, member of JNP, from Forres, Moray

Paddy French, Editor Press Gang, worked as independent TV producer (programmes for C4, BBC Wales and ITV Wales) and 10 years as staff producer of 'Wales this Week' for ITV Wales

Professor Ilan Pappe, an Israel historian working at the University of Exeter

Avi Shlaim, Emeritus Professor of International Relations, University of Oxford

Jonathan Rosenhead, Chair, British Committee for the Universities of Palestine (BRICUP), of Hackney, London

Mike Cushman, Membership Secretary, Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL)

Richard Kuper, Web Editor, JVL

Tony Booth, Environment Officer, JVL

Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, Media Officer, JVL

Leah Levane, Co-Chair, JVL

Tony Greenstein, blogger ( and member of Unite
Asa Winstanley, journalist with the Electronic Intifada

Anna Chen, former freelance writer and presenter for the BBC

Sarah Sheriff, signing in her personal capacity. as co-Chair of South-East London and Lewisham Friends of Palestine, and in representation of Muslim Community Helpline (MCH)

Naeem Malik, Chair of West Midlands Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (PSC)
Lesley McGorrigan, UCU National Executive Committee (signing in personal capacity)

Marc Wadsworth, black rights campaigner, journalist and BBC filmmaker; editor of Ex-Labour Party.

Glyn Secker, a leading member of Jews for Justice for Palestinians (JfJfP)

Clare Cape, Chair, Liberal Democrat Friends of Palestine (LDFP)

Andy Daer, Vice Chair, Lib  Dem Friends of Palestine

John Kelly, Secretary, Lib  Dem Friends of Palestine

Steve Walker, Editor of Sqwawkbox

Elizabeth Morley, from Aberystwyth

Prof David Mond, mathematician, member of CAMPAIN committee

Jerry Headley, University Director, member of CAMPAIN committee

David Plank, retired local authority CEO and Director of Social Services. Member of CAMPAIN

Rodney Watts, founder member of CAMPAIN

Alan Maddison, member of CAMPAIN

Ruth Gould, member of CAMPAIN

Prof James Dickins, University of Leeds, member of CAMPAIN

Roshan Pedder, member of CAMPAIN, from West Molesey, Surrey

Eddie Powell, CAMPAIN member

James Turner, CAMPAIN member

Ken Mapley, member of Labour Party and CAMPAIN

Pamela Manning, Lib Dem from Cambridge, and member of CAMPAIN

John Hall, CAMPAIN member

Catherine Mackenzie, CAMPAIN member
Jan Deckers, CAMPAIN member, from Rothbury, Northumberland

John Coates, Industrial Engineer

Nick Elvidge

Angie Mindel

Adrian Grant

Howard Harris

Gregory Harris

Norman Wright

Emrys Jenkins, retired senior Academic

Ivan Wels, active with National Education Union, Nottingham City  

Illinois Cook

Brian Steedman

Kitty Warnock, retired Overseas Development official

Alex Wardle

Rex Smith

Stewart Whitehead, ex-Labour Party member

Ben Lowe

Brendan O'Brien

Jane Collier

Teresa Grover, supporter of Jeremy Corbyn

Denise Fowler, member of Amnesty International

Peter Last, from Cambridge

Averil Parkinson

Chris Selsby

Lesley Cooke

J.W. Freeman, Senior Maths Lecturer, Bradford College, retired. Member of PSC

Teresa Devereux

Amjad Al-Dajani

Jennifer Runham

Richard Comaish, member of Coop Party

Colin Clews

Joanna Mingham

Kevin White

Susan Buckingham

John Davey, from Godalming, Surrey

Ananda Ramamurthy

Richard Seaford

Iaian Crawford

Steve Kinneavy, Palestine campaigner from Sheffield Hallam

Janet Watson, University of Leeds

Sangeeta Lyons

Derek Perkins

Jennifer Jones

Robert Boyce, works for LSE

Paulina Palmer

Mary Wyatt

Eddie Dougall, Membership Secretary, Mid Suffolk District Branch Labour Party

Dodie Carter

Bob Stiff

Sue Stiff

Keith Midgley

Lorcan Smith

Anne Pascall

Dina Glouberman, Founding Director, Skyros Holidays

Stewart Eames

Thomas Sheerin

Peter Morgan

Susan King

Kenny Fryde, Jewish Labour Party member

Jenny Hardacre

Kathleen Hamilton, from Cambridge 

Kathlyn Porteus, retired marketeer

Kathleen Young

Chris Proffitt

Trevor Hoyle, writer of novels and radio drama

Simon Cohen

Jane McArthur

Stan Grycuk

Caroline Routledge

Omar Shamma

Stephen Wagg

Stephen Wyatt

Roland Laycock, from Nottinghamshire

David Blow

Abbas Hussain, retired human-rights lawyer from Hinkley

Mark Lewinsky-Grende

Stephen Kind, ex-Labour Party, resigned

Nat Lindo

Joseph Cairns

Anthony Hall, retired engineer

Cliff Jones, writer

Rachel Crowcroft

Rachel Peto 

John Ward

Sharon Browne

Amirah Raheem, student

Eller Everett, PhD student

Susan Blackwell

Kate Langton

Annie O'Gara

Brian Holland

Margot Brown

Gerald Gardiner

Leon Rosselson, writer of satirical songs and children's books

Angela Martin, retired UCU member; ex-Sheffield Hallam University; Labour Party member

John Purcell

Leon Carvallo-Phillips, freelance EFL teacher

Eileen Stapleton

Andy Hamilton, retired consultant to the European Commission

Anthony Baldwin

Martin Golding, a Jewish individual from Cambridge

Keith and Francis Armes

Colin Lomas

Noel Nowosielski, former Liberal Party member

Fiona Leach 

Linda Whittern

Alison Aiken

Richard von Abendorff

Brian Precious, active with Unite community

Malcolm Bride

Lindsey Colvin-Fox

Tippu Sheriff

Amina Mangera, a community activist from London, signing on behalf of herself and many community groups to which she belongs

John Tilley, life-long liberal, and majority Lib Dem leader of Kingston Council 1994/97

John Payne, Liberal Democrat member, Epsom & Ewell party

Mujahid Islam

Megan Povey

Susan Fletcher

Jackie Wrafter, Director, Kianh Foundation

Tom Salmon

Simon Attwood

Terry Froud

Sue Woodsford, Amnesty International member from Cambridge

Jane Lee, Keighley’s Independent Voice

Diana Lloyd, working in education in Cambridge

Clare Dove, artist, former Labour Party Member, Unite member

Peter Hague, ex-Labour Party member

Simon Craig, Unite member

Susan Craig, Unite member

Bernard Spiegal

John Dunn

Mary Holmes

Kathy McCubbing

Alan Dale

Judith Blaker

Alan Falconer

Terry Savage

Peter Blaker

Ian Malcolm-Walker

Rimone Newman

Peter Feenan

Colin Horwood, from Chigwell, Essex, member of CAMPAIN

Brian Nicholson

Lindsay Baker, former Labour supporter

Chris Helm, from Liverpool

Diane Beck

David Lloyd

Lesley Marshall

Dugald Craig

Stan Was

Heather Stuttard

Stephen Wakefield, pensioner and gardener

Yvonne Davies

Ian Finn

Sue Coyle

Nicolas Weaver

Julie Yates

Karen Power

Alex Hall

Martin Burslam

Clare Willison

Miles Unsworth

Drew Taylor

David Goldbery, member of Jews for Justice for Palestinians

Daniel Vulliamy, Labour Party CLP Treasurer, from Driffield, East Yorks.

Lucy Vulliamy, from East Yorks

Rafique Miah

Brian Parkinson

Robin Lockyer

Gerard Smyth

Peter Freeman, psycotherapist & gardner, former Labour Party member 

Owen Plunkett

Graham Sabino

Graham Fattorini
Barbara Cairns

Amrah Khan, data architect

Mihai Martoiu Ticu

Jacob Butler, member of Unite

Kim Johnson

Patricia Marsh

Pamela Butler 

John MacKinnon, retired teacher

Peter White

Prof. Ellie Palmer, Prof. Emeritus: Law/Human Rights, University of Essex

Rosemary Mackenzie

Anne Holden

Donald Sassoon, Queen Mary University of London, member of Jewish Voice for Labour

Patricia Mitchell

Anthony Sperryn

Naomi Keep

Peter Slevin

Kevin Riley

Jacqueline Menzies

Hugh Wallis

Elizabeth York

Rachel Woodward

Stephen Simpson

Eveline van der Steen

Rita Mendelson

James Bergier

John Earle

Emma Simmons

Annie Blindell

Peter Jones, UCU, Sheffield Labour Friends of Palestine

Nigel Haines, ex-member South Leicester CLP

Jenny Bracey

Christian De La Croix

Robert Castell

Scarlett Martindale, quality technician

Steven Kirby

Ian Griffin

Jackie Walker

Graham Atkinson

Adrie Breugelmans, Labour Party Member

John Hodkinson

Michael Davies

Clair Holmes

Sue Smith

Elizabeth Cutter

Rob Mathews

Philip Glaysher

Geoff Taylor, solidarity member of JVL

Charlotte Williams, member of Labour Party and JVL

Susan Curtis

Elliott Hughes

Paul Thorne

Shaun Pye

Chris Lacey

Susan Thompson, from Plymouth

Shabab Ahmed

John Potts, from Maldon, Essex

Sean Fitzpatrick

Adrian Pantlin

Cllr Martin Abrams, Lambeth Labour Councillor
Mike Scott, JVL

Hamish Coubrough

Dr Martin Segall

Viera Taylor

Thomas Darrer

Ben Capewell, of no political affiliation

George Hughes

David Cullen

Susan Fitzpatrick

Caroline Raine, Jewish Labour Party member

Jeremy Richardson

Chris Stone, founding Editor, Whitstable Views:

Thomas Stocking

Pat Melia

Shuna Watkinson

Robert Atkins

Thomas Stackhouse

Stephen Kennedy

Rev Mike Dixon, retired Anglican priest

Marty Climenhaga

Christina Katic

Hanna Khamis, member of Warwick & Leamington CLP

Michael Clarke, former Labour Party member

Michael Herring

Anya-Nicola Darr, a Unite member with relatives in Israel

Linda Lefevre

Stephen Hayes

Roger Day, former Labour Party member

Steven Bliss

Stephen Whiting, member of Unite (retired), former member of the Labour Party, Quaker.

Damian Swarbrick

Roberto Navarrette

Joseph Gorniak

Chris Main, retired socialist

Mike Harling, from London Borough of Croydon

Stuart Dye

John Gallagher

David Rose

Glenn Martin

Sonia Davey 

Chris Chilton, Chair, Bolton Socialist Club, signing on behalf of the organisation

Madelaine Brierley

Richard Lockwood, member of Fire Brigade Union

Ronald Webster

Marc Beishon

Karen Hall

Andy Hockley

Tony Graham, Labour Party member

Helen Rosen

Edward  Vanderpump

John Mitchell.  Author of this interesting article.

Helen Kelleher, caretaker

Anna Pichierri, works for NHS

Dr Tristram Wyatt, Emeritus Fellow, Kellogg College, University of Oxford  

Guy Burke

Yvonne Osman

Gerard O'Rourke

Mandy Parry 

Simon Dewsbury

Stephen McCluskie

Peter Rand

Maggie Sandland, resigned from Labour Party

Chris Critchley, member of JVL

Rowland Selame,

Cath Ryde, member of National Education Union

Val Bodels

Tim Munton

Paul Wilkinson, UCU retired member

Michael Frost

Rene Gimpel, Labour Party and JVL member

Stephen Beadle, ex-Labour Party member 

Allan Pearson

Russell Bond

Linda Bache, from Stoke-on-Trent

Rita Appleby

Seamus O'Connell, from Brent, London, TSSA delegate to a Labour Party CLP GC

Jean Wilson

Angela Picknell

William Salt

Graham Bell

Michel Trainer, from London

Jay Henderson

Beverley Molineaux

Eileen Murtha Brown

John Spencer, Labour Party member

Jayne MxGlone, pathologist

Abid Mian

Tracy Nelms 

Sandy Palmer, ex-Labour Party 

Margaret Egerton

Patricia Hornsey

Natalie Monaghan

Gill Harris

Michele Day

Durah Ashton

Gill Barnes

Gary Hedges

Tessa van Gelderen

Tommy O'Neil, ex-Labour Party 

Chris Higgins

Martin Kernick, from Stockport

Elizabeth Connell

Tim Barlow

Megan Playfair

Erica Lang, North Herts PSC

Allan Grote

Miriam Yagud, Labour Party member

Lyn Padley

Stephen Richards

Lee Johnson, Labour Party member and former CLP chair

John Upright

Dennis O'Malley

Ian Pinhey

Angela Edmunds

Terry Phillips

John Murray

Keith Russell

Ray Taylor

Terry Clarke

Elaine Ashley

Paula Derry

Roger Phillips

Alison Hughes

Dr Ayesha Mangera

William Barnett

Frances Kay, playright and ex-Labour Member

Liam Physick

Helen Marks

Paul Davies

Mumin Moin

Isaac Mond

Diamond Versi, from Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

Philip Colley

Helen Dickson, member of Liverpool Friend of Palestine and Merseyside Solidarity Knows no Borders

Alma Yaniv

Dafydd Ladd

Roy Cooke

Michael Wright

Jonathan Edwards

Clare Johnson

Jeremy Hawthorn

Colin McKean, Liverpool Friends of Palestine

Sebil John Joseet

Mike Cahil

Pete Winstanley, Labour Party member

Sally Davies, member of Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Leamington Spa and JFJFP, UK

Maeve Landman

Jillian Nicol

Simon Birnstingl

Arthur Marchant

Anita Gill

Dianne Cox, retired teacher and Anglican priest. Member of PSC, ICAHD and committed Christian 

John Henry, member of UNITE, from Wrexham

Denis Mollison, Lib Dem/SDP member since 1981 

Anthony Symmons

Martin Bray

Anand Pillay, Univ. of Notre Dame/Univ. of Leeds

Rod Thompson

Jim Malone, from Dundee

Taraneh Ahmadi-Parker

Georgine Whiting

Michael Green

Stephen Lockwood

Mark Smith

Mary Scurr

Pat Mood 

Paul Hopkins 

Michael Sherwood

Mike Reed, Chair of Omega Research Foundation, 50 years membership of Amnesty International 

Lynn McAllister

Naomi Wayne, ex-Labour Party

Jeremy Tear

Denis Jones

Tony Dennis, retired academic, Labour Party member and supporter of JVL

Barclay Lane, member of Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Leamington Spa

Karl Greenwood

Talal Hangari, Labour Party member

Verity Bird

Wendy Taylor, from Ilford, Essex

Rosie Habron

Angie Hudson, ex-Labour Party

Chas Hayes

Marion Roberts, Professor Emeritus at Westminster University

Andy Phipps, of Unite North Notts branch

Lisa Hitchen

John Compton

Enid Gordon

Dianne Woodward, from Loughborough, Leicestershire

John Goodman

Penny Wilcox

Julietta Schoenmann, PSC supporter and member of JNP, from Bristol

Clive Darling

Leonie Rushforth, Labour Party member, from London

Raphael Salkie

Catherine Connolly

Gary Griffiths, retired, formerly of Unite, from Woking

Ann Butterworth, from Thornton, Bradford

David Mowat, has served as human rights worker in Israel and Palestine on the EAPPI programme

Amy Fletcher

Catherine Feeny, from Bristol

Penelope Ormerod, member of Jewish Network for Palestine

Bridget Neate

Jessica McGarty

Kate Cargin

David Hanraty, from Stone Cross, Pevensey 

Ronald Mendel, Univ. of Northampton

Marc Lavelle

Peter Breingan

Naomi Roberts

Paul Crofts

Merilyn Moos, whose historically Jewish family was murdered by nazis

Clarke Fullerton

John Baker

Katie Spalding 

Steve Mitchelmore

Martin Bayliss

Kate Aspinwall

Robert Aikman

Sally McDonald, from Swansea

Julian Ladbury

Ronald Kercher, member of PSC and Jewish Voice for Peace

Owen Bulmer

Kaja Langer

Michael Anderson

Philip Lord, retired headteacher 

Iaian Bulmer

Rod Jones 

Anthony Wood 

Andrew Burgess

Ian Pinchen

Chris Whitrow

Juliet Molteno

Robin Isbell

Christopher Murphy

Dan Burnett

Paul Abbott

Gerald Payne 

Steven Burke

Graham Mills

John Garrett, from Kenilworth, Associate Professor at Sultan Qaboos University, Oman, retired

Barbara Needham

Paul Rosenbloom

Kevin Adair

Nic Lee, from London

Andrew Buchanan

Mike Sherred

Steve Sexty

Fiona Dixon

Alex Birchall

Nick Robson 

Nicola Pollinger, home educator

Keith Smith, from Colyton, Devon

Jess Brady

Duncan Taylor, member of Amnesty International

Sophie Cansdale, complex needs support worker

John Yudkin, Emeritus Professor of Medicine, University College, London

Lawrence Bryant

Irene Ridgeon

Allan & Pat Wright

Steve Roman

Cam Bowie

Gordon Shaw

Alfred Gliddon

Tim Bolton-Maggs, ex-Labour Party

Greg Harrowing 

Michael Moody

Helen Heenan

Alan Chapman 

Felicity Taylor

Marian Hoffman

Mark Ward

Anthony Prior, retired independent councillor

Roger Bartlett

Cormac Kelly, member of Socialist Alternative and NEU

Stephen Sheppard

Tim Glanton

Gareth Adamson

Tom French

Chris Johnson

Ash Mohammed

Gwyneth Boswell

Kholoud Porter

Chris Williams

Stewart Brooker, Labour Party member

Katherine Perry

Andy Watters

Marji Mansfield

Alice Severs, from Durham City

Rob Gardiner, signing for PSC St. Neots, Cambridgeshire

Stella Millburn, from Driby, Alford, Lincs.

Nazim Merchant

Peter Lawrence

Terence Roberts

Helen Troughton

Dennis Elphick, from Kingsbridge, Devon

Malcolm Hall 

Garry Strudwick, ex-Labour Party

Denis Rumbold

Eldin Fahmy

Andy Stillman

David Epstein, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, University of Warwick, FRS

Johanna Alberti

David Foster

Duncan Thomson

Lindsay Shaw

Margaret Foggie

Jane Marshall

Phyl Hoadley, retired social care worker, ex-Labour Party

Katherine Goodban

Seb Paemen

Gearoid O Lainsgsigh

Frank Beckett

Dr Eric Windgassen, retired consultant psychiatrist 

Dave Rendle, from Cardigan

Simon Caplan

Michael Noble

Tim Sambrook

Steve Byrne, member of PSC

John Brown

Peter Dowse

Eugene Hyon

Jaqueline Creamer

Peter Symons

Diane Pearson

Clare Ayton-Edwards, retired civil servant

Mike Craig

Marilu Cavaliere

Vassa Nicolaou

Jon Houghton

Malcolm Bradstock, from Nottingham

James Ritchie

June Lamb, ex-Labour party

Jason Hall, raconteur 

Marc Truscelli

Teresa Colbeck

Keith White, Labour Party member

Graham Noble

Michael Westcombe, from London

Rin Roche

Christopher Gaynor, from Rotherham

Julian Townsend

Paula Elliott, from Bridgwater, Somerset

David Timlin

Pam Page, from Brighton

Iftach Starik

Victoria Cuckson

Gary Jakings

Eric Cooke

Susan Brown

Heather Skibsted

Ian Francis Stewart McDonald, Green Party member

Brenda Barnard

Jonathan Bellos

Omar Al-Omari

Egbert Harmsen, Board member of BDS Netherlands

Peter Payne, Labour Party member

Philip Wagstaff

David Lowton, from St. Helens, Merseyside

Susan Lowton

Diana Isserlis

Andy Wales

Peter Allen 

Vejay Patel

Nina Heaton 

Maria Yeaman

Dolan Delve

Angela Peoples, ex-Labour Party 

Chris Thomas

Brian Moran

Pamela Blakelock, Labour Party member who was suspended when Vice-Chair of her CLP

Tom Dragicevic, from London

Jack Thomas, supporter - Jewish Refuser Solidarity Network, from Liverpool

Lola Davies

Tim Oxton

Antoinette Paphides

Brendan McAleer

Terence McGinity

Sai Brace

Walter Zuk

John Porter, from Glasgow

Linda Watson

Anna Rose

Valerie Hanson

Roger Coates 

Ruth Gillett

William Robson

Paul Rowan

Steve Olive 

Heather Formaini

Clive Semmens, concerned person of Jewish descent

Ian Dargo, from Bromley, Kent

Janice Joannou

Graham Stewart

Yvonne Arnaud

Nick Kouyoumdjian

Jan Bennett

Arthur Jarrett

Steve Jansky

Nicolas Ruch,  Labour Party member

Siamak Amini

Nadia Amara

Anna Hubbard

David Roger

Ken Baker

Daniel Waterman, a  British Jew upset at Zionist political influence and media bias, particularly at the BBC

Miko Fischer

Paul Curtis

Mary Higgins 

Tricia Griffin

Jenny Jackson

Paul Steele

Vivien May

Philip Foxe

Juls Price, from Winchester, Hampshire

Richard Carabine, Labour Party member

Kay Murphy

John Murphy

Stuart Littlewood, from Castle Douglas, Dumfries & Galloway

Des Byrne

Jean Sullivan 

Angelika Golz, from Totnes, Devon

Rosalind Austin

Kay Lawrence

Nicola Malleson

Kenneth Tomkins, from Reading, Berks

Lucy Moy-Thomas, ex-Labour Party

Valerie Mann

Paddy O'Keeffe, ex-Labour Party

Arantxa Gaba, from London

Jane Casmally

Yusef R. Abu Khadra

Sean O'Donoghue

Viv Pribram

Seymour Alexander

David Littlewood

Dee Coombes, Labour Party member, from Liverpool

Grenville Smith

Alexander Gavin

Ciaran O'Dornan, St Mary's University College, Belfast

John McLaughlin

Andrew Hornung

Gloria George

Robert Roberson

Thomas Coady, a confectioner from Brighton 

Margaret Mulheran

Mike Larcey

Martin Nichols, teacher

Bronagh Wilson

Helen Martins

David Pinto, self-employed musician, writer on music

Susan Cox, from King's Lynn, Norfolk

Elizabeth Peck, Member of Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC), from Rugby

Penny Porter

Bermard Spiegal

Salim Bhatoo

Iain Rendell

Chris Preston, UNITE member

Charley Young

Barbara Iqbal

Sue Young

Sue Owen

Diana Neslen, member of JVL

Clare Jones

John Metson, from Durham City

Carolyne Darmanin

Susan Clark

Mohammed Sahmoude, from London Borough of Croydon

Deborah Darnes

Karen Frontera

John Wilkins, Secretary of BOLD (Building our Local Democracy) non politically aligned campaigning group. 

Petra Lunberg

Janet Crosley, ex-Labour Party, from Littlehampton, West Sussex

Beverley Cottrell, ex-Labour Party

Denise Fonseca

Noel Hamel, from New Malden and member of Jewish Network for Palestine (JNP)

Diana Davey

Bob Walker, from Northiam, East Sussex

Lyn Ellerker

Michael Shanahan

Suzanne Gannon

Charlotte Peters Rock

Philip Ward

Anthony Stoll

David Myles

Margaret Edwards

Suzanne Nobel

Ahmed Afana

Erica Brook, PSC supporter 

Mary Dwyer

Janet Thompson

Jennifer Abbott

Sandra Yehya

Robert Walker

Robert  Storey, from Rochester, Kent

Mark Andresen

Isobel Webster

Steve Fisher

Gary Boyle

Vor Moody

David Lancaster, PSC member and ex-Labour Party member

John Nicholson

Ron Berry

Stephen Latham, Labour Party member from Sandhurst, Kent

Alan Horton, Hood Farm

David Selzer

Patricia Miqdadi

Nick Pile

David Mizrachi, from Muswell Hill, London N10

Jenna Delich

Roger Galley

Caroline Norman

Esther Lacruz

Mikey Tynemouth

Jane Al-Attar

Brian Jones

Ann Newton-Marcial

Roger Bromley

Jacob Serruya W. 

Alfreda Benge

Rev Dr John Anderson, signing for the Israel/Palestine mission network of the Presbyterian church USA. Previously lived in Scotland.

Robert Wyatt

Lars Petersson, from Edinburgh

Geraldine Rolfe

Judith Reynolds

Lee Whitaker, from Brighton

Philip Adams

Michael Hart

Edward Hulme

Helen Corkin

Fiona Norman, from Welwyn Garden City, Herts.

Sushma Lal

Darry Sugg

Benjamin Treuhaft

Steve Beresford, freelance musician

Tony Dickinson 

Avril Wooster

John Tidbury

Janice Tidbury

Paul Wimpeney, retired teacher

Pamela Brown

Veronica Leeke, Labour Party member

John Adams

Susan Murphy, member of Amnesty International

Jan Shearer

Paul Rechnitz, from Hackney, London

Colin Mewett, from Merthyr Tydfil

Janet Walker

Roger Spettigue, Labour Party member

Ken Campbell, Labour Party member

Simon Hinds 

John Boschetti

Kate Lattimore

Lisa Morris, living in Villejesus Aigre, France

Malcolm Morris, living in Villejesus Aigre, France

Ruth Ross

Zoe Zero

John Cagan

Rosalind Meadow

Ian Cuthbertson 

Carol Milner

Bonny Ambrose

Idris Nawab

Jill Weston

Patrick Towey

Frances Kelly, from Manchester

Susan Schonfield

Raimo Kangasniemi

Donald Saunders, from Colwyn Bay, active with Interfaith for Palestine

James Hall

Gregory Douglas, member of Chiltern Peace and Justice, UNITE and JVL

Jonathan Maytham

Martin Graham

Piers Carter

Philippa Maytham

Jeffrey Hughes

Bernard Grant 

Adrian Sanchez

Brendan Blake 

Geoff Butler

Lynne Butler

Richard Barton Pink, owner of Barton Plants

Chris Friel, writes in

Pamela Attwood

Frank Attwood 

Claire Pyper

Richard Ryan

James Cohen, member of Unite Community

Jenny Kassman, Jewish member of the Labour Party and JVL, from Islington

Jesica Deste

Jim Deane

Conner Jackson

Simon Eason

Caroline Barton

Josh Spooner

Heather Smith

Jamie Bird

Shaun Wilson

Edward E. Stapleton

Kieron Southwood

William Findley

Adam Dransfield

Les Storey

Talib Shah

Anthony Phillips

Dan Bennett

Philip Stephens

Axel Heidenreich

Kathleen Torrie, independent music creator

Catherine Muller

Ben Tooley

Rod Walters, member of PSC

Prof. Mohamed Elgomati, OBE. Professor Emeritus in Electronics at University of York

Joseph Paglia, from Winchester

Rosie Hague, from Glasgow

Hamid Masud

Caroline Hope 

Peter Ashan, member of Waltham Forest PSC

David Toorawa

Anthony Collins

Heather Stroud

Camille Fidgett

Helen Gibson

Patrick Scott, member of Islington South and Finsbury CLP

Andy Simons, manager of

Jane Maskell

David Dunn, academic

Den Carter

Chick McKain, in broadcasting, member of BECKTU

Sally Hughes

Bargas Hatem, member of Interfaith for Palestine

Efa Wulle, signing as an individual and for Interfaith for Palestine

Stephen Branscombe

Francis Clark-Lowes, an individual who has experienced being accused of antisemitism

Asad Khan

Hilary Price, member of JVL, Cambridge 

Andy Richards

Annie Warren

Basil Creese

Chris Gardner

Brian McDevitt

Kathy Hammad, writer and film maker

Gill Hewitt, retired events manager

Jeff Marchant

Samuel Morris

Jean Irwin

Naomi Junnor

Matt Aldarab

Chas Brookes

Judith Brookes

Baroness Dr. Jenny Tonge

Gary Bramble

Mark Hollinrake

Cynthia Ingraham, former journalist with Newsweek

Patricia Jane Gonzalez

Rev Stephen Sizer, retired Anglican priest

Kate Varnfield

Nigel Scott, member of the Lib Dems and CAMPAIN

Carole Thomas

Laura Casimir

Angela Dietrich

Colin Oxenforth

Rev Andrew Hunt, Anglican priest

Joanne Molyneux

Patricia Hughes

Pete Barclay

Lori Wyndham

Wendy Brown

Isabel Tomlin

Dr David E. Ward, retired cardiologist

Erica Flegg, retired, former member of National Union of Journalists and risk assessor for family violence

Rachel Paynter

John Stewart

Kelsey Cowling 

Pru Laslett

John Lambie, retired, from Hertfordshire, promotes proportional representation

Pamela Suryomartono
Dorothy Brownlee

Cathie Emerson

Michael Evans

David Farley

Ken Young 

Carol Bentley

Joyce Noon

Lynn Palmer, retired medical social worker

Sandra Law 

Susan Wade

Glenys Carter

Abigail Markham

Juliet Sherratt

Vee O'Brien

Eddy Knasel, Quaker Clerk, Bristol

Len Mitchell, landscape specialist

Brian Mitchell

Mike O'Shea

Lucy Zawadzki

John Lynes

Florence Germain

Rachel Nassif, from Waterlooville, Hampshire

Claudia Coulter

Agni Handy, actor

Maria Huff

Linda Skellam

Alison Morgan

Annette Burghes

Rob Hayes

Billiy Almond, from Frome, Somerset

Geoff Taylor, solidarity supporter of JVL

Peter Cann, retired journalist, NUJ member

Judith Wardle

Michael Calderbank

Elizabeth Lock

Bill MacKeith

Melanie Moulding, Labour Party Environment Officer 

Judith Weeks, Labour Party member and Quaker

Andrew Joslin

Azeema Caffoor

Jane Carey

George Mason, a Quaker from Milton, Banbury, Oxon.

Anan Rasad

Elizabeth Burroughs

Roger Kindell

Keith Jerrome, member of the Unite Community

Rod Everett

Maria Mureddu

Christopher Byrne, retired car worker

Janet Davies

Helen White, from Manchester

Catherine Fritz

Peter Rossetti

Lisa Rosetti

Philip Tate
Rod Cox, has worked in Gaza on children's mental health problems

Chris Sharkey

Mark Sharkey

Lesley-Anne Perrin, concerned that the BBC had denied Jeremy Corbyn the opportunity of a fair interview

Jeff Adams

Tricia Scott, psychotherapist

Christopher Ellis

Linda Ruhemann

Louise Hosking

Christine Watson

Brian Murphy

Damien Willey

Ali Dogan

Daniel Cairns, Art Director

Malcolm Lewis, from Bath

Nicola James, from Bath

Zarria Phillips, Branch Sec Bristol & Gloucester area Unite Community

Martha Loach, from London

Ian Holton, from Bath

Adrian Partridge, from Lea, Matlock, Derbyshire

Philip Whitney, from Matlock, Derbyshire

Eleanor Wardle, from Sheffield

Jennifer Joy-Matthews, from Darley Dale, Derbyshire

Jane Morrow, from Matlock, Derbyshire

Lesley Bryan, from Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex

Kieron McCarron, from Bath

Caron Anthony, from Derbyshire

Ed Hulse, from Kilburn, Derbyshire

Tumble Bone, from Hastings, Sussex

Mike McCarthy, from Seahouses, Northumberland

Cathy Crowther, from Alnwick, Northumberland, member of Unite

Phil Crowe, from Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex

Ian Bell, from Highcliffe, Dorset, former human rights worker, and human rights monitor on the West Bank

Jennifer and John Sanderson, from Derbyshire

Gertrude Chilton, from Bolton

Rob Wall, from Bedford

Kim Longinotto, filmmaker from Highbury, London

Allan Grote, from Margate, Kent

Nigel Godfrey, from Matlock, Derbyshire

Yasmin Kagzi, from Leicester

Judy Ross, from Bath

Jane Samson, from Bath

Leonard Beighton, from Cobham, Surrey

Marc Thorne, Director of Sunrise Publishers Ltd., Bodmin, Cornwall

Christine Wilson, from Frome, Somerset 

Jonathan Puttock, member of Chester Friends of Palestine

Torla Evans, from London, member of PSC, Israeli Committee against House Demolitions (ICAHD) and the Green Party

James McGuire, Emeritus Professor of Forensic Clinical Psychology at the University of Liverpool

Hugh Neal, from Boston, Lincs.

Julie Ryan, from Skipton, North Yorks.

Caroline Domingo, Labour Party member from Saltburn, North Yorks.

Lester Cowell, retired education worker from Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Geoff Stoddart, from London

Ian Kemp, retired NHS psychologist from Maidstone, Kent

Elizabeth Palmer, Professor Emerita, School of Law/Human Rights Centre,University of Essex. Lives in London

Robert Entwistle, retired teacher from Kendal, Cumbria

Jonathan Livingstone, a psychotherapist/psychologist from Stourbridge, West Midlands

Sue Buchan, from Leeds

Sandie Versi, from Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

Czech Conroy, from London

Adrian Wilkes, from Camden, London

David Rosenfeld, from London

Dee Hayward, from Lewes, Sussex

Deni Kitay, from St. Leonards on Sea, Sussex

Christiane McKeown

Peter Bott, from Swale, Kent 

Grace Halfpenny, from Whitstable, Kent

Richard Trillo, from New Malden, London

Dominic Bates, from Worcester

Gill Knight, United Community Union Housing Officer, Sussex Coast branch

June Simmons, from Brentwood

Caterina Lai Cullinane, from London

Isabel Cooke, Secretary, Bradlford and Shipley Trades Council

Mike Davies, from Brighton

Mary Fletcher, from Cornwall

Alan Sorrell, from Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire

Gillian McGarry, from Sheffield

Teresa King, from London

Mary King, from London

Amanda Munro, from Leeds

Dinah Miller, from London

Mark Berry, from Winchester, Hampshire

Tony Troughton-Smith, from Sherborne, Dorset

Laura Swaffield, from London

Rowena Luke-King, from London, designer and lecturer in fashion and textiles

Sheila Townsend, from Stockport

Susan Jones, from Bristol

Diane Skidmore, from London

Belinda Hunte, from Poole, Dorset

Stephanie Lang, from London

Teresa Pursall, from Sheffield, ex-Labour Party and Unite community member

Simon McKeown, from London

Karel Schling, from London

Penelope Wilson, retired academic, from Cambridge

Jill Eastland, from Cambridge

Henrietta Hardiment, living in Spain

Chris Jones, from Colwyn Bay, County of Conwy. Involved in Amnesty International campaigns on Israel and Occupied Territories

David Rendle, from Cardigan

Nia Higginbotham, from Llandudno

Iqbal Wallace, from Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex

Paul Stewart, a part-time company director from Salisbury

Ann Watt, from Kirkcaldy, Fife

Lucy Goodison, from Bridport, Dorset

Sylvia Cohen, from London

Geoffrey Curl, a Labour movement activist from Nottingham

Anthony Stapleton, from Enfield, Greater London

Ian White, from Sheffield
John Yatchisin, from Biggleswade, Beds.

Nicola Hall, a psychotherapist from Froome

Maureen Purcell, PSC Branch Secretary from Worthing

Norman Spink, from Hemel Hempstead, Herts.

Raoul Fishman, from London 

Ian Poole, from Liverpool

Ellen Graubart, from Brighton

Lorna Scott Fox, from London

Vicky Guedalla, from Hackney, London

Helen Pearson, from Gateshead

Janie Grote, from Wivenhoe

John Knight, member of Green Party from Macclesfield, Cheshire

Anne Mitchell, from Hove, Sussex

Kathryn Johnson, member of Labour Party and UNITE, London

Charlie Friel, from Clydebank

Duncan Nimmo, from Wolverhampton

Neil Halliday, from Telford

Phil Baptiste, a farmer from Skipton, North Yorks.

Shau Sumar, from Crawley, Sussex

Jacqueline Griffin, from Havant, Hampshire 

Margaret Jones, retired university lecturer + peace & human rights activist, from Stroud, Gloucestershire

Graham Davey, from Bristol

Julia Hay, from Kings Lynn, Norfolk

Matthew Bragg, from Oswestry, Shropshire

Sarah Streatfeild, from Hackney, London

Duncan McNeil, from Leicester 

John Rogers, from Sheffield

Margaret Ling, from London

James Mark Collett, from Godalming, Surrey

James Brooks, from Weymouth, Dorset 

Peter Eccles, from Manchester

Catherine Hughes, ex-member and branch secretary of the Labour Party, High Peak, Derbyshire

Nicola Branch, from Perranporth, Cornwall

Ruth Sayers, Bristol

Aurora Yaacov, from Enfield, London

Ewan Smith, from London

Sharen Green, former human rights monitor on the West Bank, from Wimborne, Dorset

Owen Cooper, from Manchester

Anita Georgiou, from Enfield, London

Sara Bragg, from Brighton

Mira Glavardanov, from London Borough of Enfield

Sussan Rassoulie, from London

Hector McNeill, from Portsmouth

Mary Fisher, member of PSC, from London Borough of Richmond

Topsy Shelton, from Bournemouth

Alan Marsden, from Milnthorpe, Cumbria

Lynette Hughes, member of ICAHD and Amnesty, from Ruthin, North Wales

Isabelle Remy, from London

Bridget Chadwick, from Leiston, Suffolk

Rosie Atkins, from Leeds

Michael Harrison, from Conwy, North Wales

Andrew Papworth, member of Brent Friends of Palesine

Deirdre Malcolm, from London

Colin Barnes, works for Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance, Cambridge 

Richard Hopper, from Cambridge

Tricia Goddard, from Chard, Somerset

Julia Garratt, retired Principal Lecturer, member of ICAHD (UK) and ex-Labour Party member

Ann Wright, from London, UK

Jacqueline Conway, retired community psychiatrist with Palestinian grandmother, from London

Laura Abraham, from Worthing, Sussex

Kevin Stewart, from London

Councillor Amal Ghusain, Portfolio Holder for Exeter City management & environmental services. Also part of Exeter City Council Fair Trade steering group

Junayd Islam, from Cambridge

Dee Grimes Hayward, from Sussex

Christine de Pulford, retired shopkeeper from Frome, Somerset

Paul Hughes-Smith, member of the Labour Party from London

Françoise Pinteaux-Jones, resident in UK

Ashok Sethi, retired teacher and member of Brent Friends of Palestine

Roger Iredale, a Quaker from West Coker, Yeovil, Somerset. Emeritus Professor of International Education, University of Manchester.

Steve Hadden, member of Unite Community Section, and former member of Labour Party, from Warrington

Adrian Burgess, ex-Labour member (resigned), from London.  From 2008 to 2015 he was a research associate at the University College Centre for Holocaust Education

Joan Barnett, from Devizes, Wiltshire

Frances Willson, a Labour Party member from London

Averil Barlow, from Bristol

Martin Woodford, from London Borough of Hounslow

Lynne Davies, Chair of Ogmore CLP Women's Branch, Bridgend, Glamorgan

Tricia McLaughlin, from Chatham, Kent

Jeanette Fletcher, from Frodsham, Cheshire

Kate Adams, from Whitstable, Kent

Patricia Marsh, from Gongleton, Cheshire

Carol Taylor-Spedding, living in Portugal

Jannie Brightman, from Cambridge, and active in JSO, Stop the War, Women in Black, Keep our NHS Public etc.

Ed Fredenburgh, member of the Labour Party (suspended), from London

Rebecca Massey, from Hove, Sussex

Andrew Morris, from London

Colleen Nichols, from Leeds

Miriam Wood, from Dover, Kent

Madeleine Kingston, from Ramsgate, Kent

Lizzie Fletcher, from Stroud, Gloucestershire

Katrina Finn, Labour member from Thatcham, Berkshire

Byron Wakefield, Aberdare, Glamorgan

Peter Jones, member of UCU from Sheffield

Carel Buxton, from Forest Gate, London, and signing as Chair of Newham Socialist Labour (NSL)

Joanne Harris, from London and member of UNITE

Jenifer Devlin, from Dewsbury, West Yorks.

Lesley Burgess, works at Institute of Education (IOE), University College, London

James Tracey, from Manchester

Tobias Robshaw, from Totnes, Devon

Dr. Laura Miller, retired teacher from London Borough of Haringey

Jenny Almeida, from London

Klim McPherson, retired Professor of Epidemiology at Oxford University. Chair of the UK Health Forum. 

Jane Boulter, from Bedfordshire

Susan Harley, from Devon

Christine Brooks, from London Borough of Croydon

Jean Buckland, from London

Marcea Colley, member of Totnes Palestine Group

Gavin Lewis, write and academic from Manchester

Karen Tily, an ex-licence fee payer from Ruislip, London

Jacqueline Robinson, from Clitheroe, Lancashire

Anne Eggboro, retired teacher from Warrington, Cheshire 

Damon Chaplin, from Windermere, Cumbria

Laura Necchi-Ghiri, a Unite member from London

James Mitchell, from Manchester

Caroline Brookes, an ex-Labour Party member from Banbury, Oxfordshire

Paul Smith, from Birmingham

Clayton Palmer, from Cinderford, Gloucestershire

Richard Townsend, from Crewkerne, Somerset

Krishna Ramamurthy, from London Borough of Haringey

Dan Gmaj, from Westbury, Wiltshire

Dahlia Sanchez, from London

Maggie Ganley, from Burton upon Trent, East Staffordshire

Sharon Morgan, from Newtown, Powys

Denise Piper, UK resident

John Martin, from Hemel Hempstead, Herts.

Alistair Dawkins, from Manchester

Anne Saunders, retired teacher from Maidstone, Kent

John Clarke, from South Yorkshire

Paul Battenbough, from Swansea, Glamorgan

Cathy Swift, a finance officer from Bristol

Patrick Schan, from Worthing, West Sussex

Mark Cragg, from Haywards Heath, West Sussex

Lawrence Kelly, living in Spain

Anne Laville, from Birmingham

Geoff Cowlyn, from Newport, Monmouthshire

Mark Marshall, from Gloucester

Chris Allen, from Bexley, Kent

Ian Brown, from Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria

Gerard Daly, from Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

Robert Board, from Dartford, Kent

Susan Willmott, from Islington, London

David Williams, Chair of Uxbridge and South Ruislip CLP

Alison Jones, from London

Sandra Buck, from Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

Joan Fryer, from Portsmouth, Hampshire

David Fryer, from Portsmouth, Hampshire

Lysander Hardy-Pearce, from Norwich

David Wilkinson, from Liverpool

Catherine O'Brien, from London

Michael Warren, from Long Ashton, North Somerset

Matthew Maguire, from Eastbourne, East Sussex 

Miranda Pennell, from Hackney, London

John Smith, a filmmaker and Emeritus Professor of Fine Art, University of East London

Greg Clinker, from Peterborough

Eileen Tieto, from Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Mark Jervis, from Windsor, Berks.

Steve Monteith, from Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex

Jayne Doherty, from Liverpool 

Pete Lyons, from Sale, Greater Manchester

Nicholas Davis, from Chard, Somerset 

Mark Richards, living in the UK

Elizabeth Stuart, from Yorkshire

Michael Daly, from Durham

Mark Goddard, from Cardiff

Richard Moss, from Manchester

Jim Smith, from Dagenham

Ian Pindar, from Abingdon, Oxfordshire

David Plant, from London SE7 7PY 

Tony McAteer, from Corsham, Wiltshire

Cherry Barnett, from Oxford

James Britton, from Chesham, Bucks

Lesley Barker, retired in France

Peter Symons, from Cardiff 

Sue Lees, from Greater Manchester

Paul Duggan, from Greater Manchester

Neil Kendrew, from Pontefract, West Yorks.

Sarah Webley, from Oxfordshire

Suzanne Gannon, from Meltham, Holmfirth, West Yorks.

Keith Webley, from Chinnor, South Oxfordshire

Mike Healey, from Worcester

L. Davies, a life skills facilitator from Worcester

Tahir Amin, from Manchester

David May, from Rainham, Kent

Belinda Kennedy, from Oxford

Roger Kelly, from Bangor, North Wales

Robert Storrs, from Blackpool, Lancashire

Ivano Darra, from London

Kathlyn Gadd, from Stoke-on-Trent

Richard Gadd, retired specialist in nuclear medicine from Stoke-on-Trent

Liz Edwards, from London

Judi Williams, from Lower Wolvercote, Oxfordshire

Alec Mcfadden, a trade union liaison officer from Sunderland

Thomas Lane, from Weymouth

Antoinette Mangion, from Surrey

Joy Fisher, from Yorkshire

Damien Stone, from Bournemouth

Shaun Askew, from London

Ann Cooney, from Watford, Herts.

Roderick McKenzie, a musician from Dereham, Norfolk

Barry Watson, from Doncaster

Tony Dawson, from Southport

Judith Hammond, on committee of Bradford on Avon friends of Palestine, Bradford on Avon, Wilts.

Roy Mowatt, from London

Steve Griffiths, from Beckenham, London Borough of Bromley

Jackie Horsewood, from Telford, Shropshire

Graham Horsewood, from Telford, Shropshire

Julie Smith, from London

Adrianne Lake, from Kings Lynn, Norfolk

Gill Marshall-Andrews, from Richmond, Greater London

Kristy Fielder, from UK

Linda Chudley, from UK

Janice Dickson, from London Borough of Enfield

Ronan Kelly, from Belfat, Northern Ireland. 

Shirley Hart, from London

Simon Short, an Executive Manager from Rochdale, Greater Manchester

Dilys Hadley, from Exmouth, Devon, and member of Stop the War, CND, Stand Up to Racism, Peoples Assembly and Enough is Enough

Paul Willis, from East Preston, West Sussex

Bernice Laschinger, from Wembley, London

Bashar Shahin, from Salford, Greater Manchester

Clive Bower, from London

David Yeates, from London Borough of Bromley

Peter Riach, from London

Roberta Child, from Birmingham, member of CAMPAIN

Clive Neil, from Birmingham

Gill Bee, from Lancashire

David McDowall, an independent writer from London Borough of Richmond

Revd Richard Wise, a CofE Priest from Eastleigh, Hampshire

Vera Baccino, a retired bank manager from Liverpool

Martin Jones, from Norwich

Colin Roth, resident in Thailand

Sue Cooke, from New Earswick, North Yorkshire

Elaine Malcolm, from Durham

Peter Sire, from Glasgow

Julian Williams, Professor of Education, member of the Labour Party and UCU, from Skipton, Yorks

James Turtle, from Liverpool

Bob Doyle, from Ceredigion, Wales

Tom Goodall, from Coventry

John Davidson, from Carnoustie, Angus, Scotland

Dorothy Davidson, from Carnoustie, Angus, Scotland

Dr Derek Clifford, from Stockport, Greater Manchester

Gillian Higgins, from Doncaster, South Yorks

Kevin Tulliver, from Caernafon, Gwynedd, North Wales

Stephen Conlon, from Shotts, North Lanarkshire

John Cornwall, a musician from Thanet, East Kent

Ghulam Hussain, from London SW19

Peter Bowyer, from Marlborough, Wilts.

George Mason, trying to be a Quaker from Banbury, Oxfordshire

Sue Sibany-King, East Berkshire PSC, from Slough

Natalie Strecker, from Jersey

Susan Milner, a teacher from Cambridge

James Turley, from Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

Alan Burgess, Unite Community Portsmouth Press Officer

Penny Leigh-Brown, from Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

Janice Dikson, London Borough of Enfield

Muhammad Ali Nasir, an Associate Professor from Leeds

George Peel, a Humanist from Little Hulton, Manchester

Afil Abu-Rish, from Aylesbury

Judy Cunniffe, a Labour Party member and retired Unite member from Hove, Sussex

Tony Price, from Auchenblae, Aberdeenshire

Shafia Stevens, from Wales

Jackie Garland, from Herts.

Haleemah Ahmed, from Hitchin, Herts.

Robert Jackson, a PSC member from Herts.

John Grounds, from Hitchin, Herts

Joe Neff, from Dundee

Anne Holland, PSC member from Baldock, Herts.

Gill Holland, PSC member from Baldock, Herts.

David Parker, from Letchworth Garden City, Herts.

Ruth Thomas, from Leeds

Peter Gudynas, an artist from Birmingham

Mervyn Hyde, from Gloucester

Jo Rawsthorne, from Liverpool

Dr. Scott Mann, retired professor of Law at Western Sydney University, Australia (no longer pays the license fee)

Alan Mackie, retired journalist

Michael Hughes, from St. Asaph, Denbighshire

Julia Silezin, Cynon Valley Labour Women's Officer and Rhondda Cynon Taff PSC Secretary, Abertare

Helen Brown, from London SE7

Sohail Zafar, from London

Zahir Azizz, from Lewisham

Naveed Zafar, living in Pakistan

Habib Ejaz, from Manchester

Remi Kapo, journalist and writer of 'A Savage Culture', from Surrey

Julie Osman, from London

Guinevere Tufnell, from London

Mary Brown, from Letchworth Garden City, Herts.

James Chiriyankandath, ex-independent (formerly Labour) councillor, London Borough of Haringey

Mark Pennell, from Gunnislake, SE Cornwall

Juergen Rose, living in Canada

Doreen Calderwood, from Rochester, Kent

Beatriz Maldonado, living in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Jackie Townsend, West Sussex

Brian Smith, from Camborne, Cornwall

Monica Bolton, a retired GP from Manchester

Gavin Stewart, from Manchester

Rosemary Vincent, from Rhondda Cynon Taf, Wales

Brian Williams, from Porth, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Wales

Mary and Tony Winter, of Palestine Solidarity Campaign, from Aberdare, Rhondda Cynon Taff, Glamorgan, South Wales

Vanessa Pool, Chair of Peterborough Palestine Solidarity Campaign, signing in an individual capacity

Luisa Duignan, from South Wales

Dorothea Jessop, from Beckenham, London Borough of Bromley

Michael Brown, from Londoni

Jim Lowe, from UK

Jean Fitzpatrick, from London

Nicholas Brady, from Leeds

Heulwen Baworowska from London
Charles Wheeler from Benfleet
Jawed Siddiqi
Magan Singodia from Petersfield
Tareq Khamis from Luton
Julie Pearn, Chair of Sheffield Labour Friends of Palestine which includes members and ex-members of Sheffield Labour Party. Julie is signing for the organisation she chairs. 
Angela Martin, member of Sheffield Labour Friends of Palestine Committee 
Diana Charles, member of Sheffield Labour Friends of Palestine Committee 

Pam Parsons, from Oxford, UK

Charles Wilson, from Saltdean, Brighton

Michael Gwilliam, from North Yorks.

Guinaar Zafar, from London

Abdul Razak

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