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Anglican primate comes under fire

Updated: Feb 11

Below here is the text of the "Lambeth Witness Group's" latest press release about its protests outside Westminster Abbey. We also suggest you look at these powerful testimonies and recent publicity on the Not-the-Andrew-Marr show. Our next protest is on Tuesday 20th February.

THE ARCHBISHOP of Canterbury is betraying Palestinians, a pressure group insists.

And by refusing to call out ethnic cleansing, he is providing a smoke screen for our venal politicians, they say.

The Lambeth Witness Group took its accusations to the heart of the Church of England this week (Feb 6).

Around 50 activists took part in a demonstration outside Westminster Abbey at rush hour. The group, operating under the aegis of CAMPAIN which challenges false narratives in the public discourse, comprises people of all faith and of none.

Campaigner Sharen Green said: “Justin Welby is a disgrace! We have watched ethnic cleansing live on our television screens night after night – indeed the International Court of Justice is looking into the charge of genocide – and all Welby does is go on about Israel’s right to defend herself".

“He is the top churchman in the worldwide Anglican communion and instead of taking a moral lead by standing up for his fellow Christians and their Muslim neighbours he provides a smoke screen for our craven political leaders who support Israel’s criminal actions,” she continued.


“The archbishop totally ignores the writings of the Zionist fathers who made their intentions abundantly clear. Their first prime minister David Ben Gurion said ‘we must expel the Arabs and take their places’".


“No wonder Palestinian Christians feel betrayed.”


Ms Green, who has served as a human rights monitor in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, added that under International Law the occupying power has absolutely no right of self-defence against populations it has illegally occupied.


Organiser Jonathan Coulter said the demonstrations would continue throughout the Spring (starting 20th February). “We will leaflet outside the General Synod and hope to persuade Christians to stand with the oppressed and the marginalised, to speak truth to power as they are called to do.”

Notes to editors: is a useful website

Contacts: Jonathan Coulter    07843 383259

              Sharen Green         07816 962345


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