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Background to the Current Violence in Gaza - the Long Road to Genocide
by David Mond
, January 2024

Most people are horrified by the current genocidal violence that is being enacted before our eyes in Gaza.


However, many feel they lack background knowledge of the historical, political and social context in which the killing, starvation and destruction are taking place. This is unsurprising as our mainstream media generally avoid providing such contextual information.

To remedy this shortcoming we provide a brief overview in this document. It contains hyperlinks to other sources and a brief reading list on page 17.


We believe it is still possible to feel sympathy with the aspirations of both Palestinians and Jews. Zionism, especially in its early days, offered hopes of a better life to millions of oppressed and suffering people. The long road to genocide began with idealism and the desire to create a new life. However, this was underlain by the Zionist leaders' ruthless determination to secure a land for Jews in Palestine and displace the native inhabitants.

The Holocaust both reinforced this ruthlessness and caused the world to look kindly on a nation founded on an explicitly racial, not to say, racist principle, in the post-World War 2 era. Israel's steady slide toward the current genocidal war on the Palestinians is perhaps the consequence of that early foundation.



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