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An Open Letter to the Archbishops

of Canterbury and York

Dear Archbishops Welby and Cottrell

We write as supporters of an organisation called CAMPAIN (, a group that challenges misrepresentation and misinformation in public affairs and the news media. It is a non-partisan body with members belonging to all political parties and none, and members of the Christian faith, other faiths and none. The instigators of this letter are Christian (including Ordained Priests). However, whether Christian or not, most people in the UK expect the established church and its leaders to be a beacon of hope in the dark areas of this world that will publicly stand up for the rights of ALL people – not just those who claim a faith.

We note that the Church of England sets out its role in the world in its Five Marks of Mission. All signatories of this letter share a commitment to the fourth Mark which is “to transform unjust structures of society, to challenge violence of every kind and pursue peace and reconciliation”.

We are sad, therefore, to observe how inconsistent the Church of England has become in doing so. On the one hand, you recently declared your support for a “National Care Covenant for England” and you made an Official Visit to advocate for peace in South Sudan, but we do not hear the Church cchallenging the suffering of Palestinians living under brutal Israeli military occupation and settler colonialism. Why?

In Palestine, conditions have become increasingly severe since the beginning of 2023, with 75 Palestinians killed and 276 injured by the Israeli military up to 13 March, and there is now a new Israeli government composed of far-right and ultra-Orthodox parties, including several Ministers who openly express racist and violent views.  

We are deeply troubled that you have provided so little public support for Church leaders in Israel-Palestine who predicted these outcomes in the Kairos Palestine document in 2009, and Cry of Hope in 2020. They declared that “the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land is a sin against God and humanity because it deprives the Palestinians of their basic human rights, bestowed by God.” Why have you ignored their plea for so long?

We also query why you have not spoken out openly against Christian Zionism, which is based on end-time theology that casts into damnation those Jews who will not convert, and which might therefore be considered antisemitic. Christian Zionism enjoys massive Western support, provides cover for Israeli misdeeds, and causes untold damage to the Palestinians and to the prospects for middle eastern peace.

Moreover, by backing Chief Rabbi Mirvis’s "warning about Jeremy Corbyn" on grounds of antisemitism (see here), you interfered in our electoral process in the run-up to the 2019 election. The two of you basically told Christians and Jews not to vote Labour and, given your standing in society, you are likely to have been influential way beyond your respective congregations. Neither of you appear to have examined factual information that showed that prejudice towards minorities in general (including Jews) was considerably higher in the Conservative Party (see here).  In this way, you aligned yourselves with a view which had been endlessly parroted (without hard evidence) by the British news media and in effect supported the Conservatives.

In 2018, following your meeting with the Chief Rabbi, the House of Bishops adopted the discredited IHRA working definition of antisemitism, without it seems, taking legal advice or seeking the endorsement of General Synod.  Even its author, Kenneth S. Stern, has criticised the way it has been weaponised to silence criticism of Israel’s human rights abuses in Palestine. A range of eminent legal authorities[i] have all insisted that the legally entrenched right to free expression is being undermined by an internally incoherent “non-legally binding working definition” of antisemitism.

It appears the Church of England, unlike other denominations, has too often taken the path of least resistance in the face of pressure from the Board of Deputies of British Jews. The Board is far from fully representative of the Jewish community in the UK. You need to recognise the diversity of Jewish opinion about Israel and engage with groups that represent both observant and secular Jewish people who are critical of the policies of the Israeli government.

Christians inside and outside South Africa played a significant role in challenging apartheid and eventually defeating it. The Church of England should be challenging the practice of apartheid in Israel-Palestine today. Twenty years ago in 2002, in an article in the International Herald Tribune, Archbishop Desmond Tutu drew a parallel between South Africa and Palestine and the struggle against apartheid: “If apartheid ended (in South Africa), so can this occupation, but the moral force and international pressure will have to be just as determined. The current divestment effort is the first, though certainly not the only, necessary move in that direction”.

We understand that the five Marks of Mission were designed to bring to life the teachings of Jesus Christ in the modern world and to set standards of behaviour for church organisations. Lamentably, the prophetic voice of Jesus has been silenced on Palestine within the Anglican Church under your leadership. In contrast, other denominations, including the Methodist and URC, have openly criticised this illegal occupation by public statements and investment decisions and yet the Church of England remains inactive in both these areas.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the 1948 Nakba (the Catastrophe) in which 750,000 Palestinians were expelled from their homes creating one of the largest refugee crises in modern history. In May there will be international events to highlight the ongoing injustice of the Nakba. We call on you both to follow Archbishop Tutu’s example, advocate for the people of Palestine and help end their unjust suffering.

We stand ready to engage in constructive dialogue and to help in any way we can.

Yours sincerely,


The undersigned – see list of signatories below

[i] These include Lord Hendy KC, Sir Anthony Hooper Retired lord justice of appeal, Michael Mansfield KC, Sir Stephen Sedley Retired lord justice of appeal, Hugh Tomlinson KC, Frances Webber Barrister and Sir Geoffrey Bindman KC



List of Signatories:

Note and disclaimer. Here we include information that signatories volunteer on their occupation, role and religious affiliation. We only list the nationality of people who tell us they are not British; otherwise one can be reasonably sure they are British. We have enabled a double opt-in function to check the identity of signatories. However we are unable to exhaustively check all details on all signatories, for which reason we rely on the truthfulness of the information they provide. Sometimes we have added details that are in the public domain.


Rev Mark Battison, retired Anglican priest, and former Chair of Sabeel-Kairos, now Chair of CAMPAIN, signing for Friends of Sabeel, Australia
Dr. Peter Shambrook, historian and Balfour Project Trustee

Tim Llewellyn, former BBC Middle-East Correspondent, now Balfour Project Trustee and member of CAMPAIN, Anglican

Ghada Karmi, Palestinian-born academic, physician and author living in London
Garth Hewitt, Founder of the Amos Trust, Anglican

Ken Loach, film director

Miranda Pinch, producer  of the film 'From Balfour to Banksy, a Christian signing for CAMPAIN

Dr. Swee Ang, consultant orthopaedic surgeon, co-founder of Medical Aid for Palestinians, Christian

Natalie Fenton, Professor of Media and Communications, Goldsmiths College, London. Founder of the Media Reform Coalition

Jonathan Coulter, of Christian background, Secretary of CAMPAIN      

Clare Short, former Labour Minister, non-practicing Catholic

Sharen Green, Anglican, and former human rights monitor in Palestine

John Dinnen, retired consultant pathologist, Anglican, former memberof General Synod, British and Irish

Robert Cohen, Jewish, author of seminal articles on the CofE's approach to Israel/Palestine and alleged antisemitism, see

George Browning, retired Anglican bishop living in Canberra, Australia,  British/Australian citizenship

Paul Leon John Mackney, former General Secretary of Natfhe / University & College Union, non-religious though his father was a CofE vicar, British/Australian

Rev. Canon Dr. Peter Liddell, Anglican, former Director of Pastoral Counselling, St. Albans Diocese   

Jesse Wheeler, protestant Christian, Executive Administrator, Friends of Sabeel North America (FOSNA), signing on behalf of FOSNA, US citizen

David Cannon, Chair, Jewish Network for Palestine

Haim Bresheeth, Professorial Research Associate, SOAS, on committee of Jewish Network for Palestine. A Jewish atheist of UK and Israeli nationality

Les Levidow, academic researcher, committee member for Jewish Network for Palestine, Jewish  

Rica Bird, a secular Jew featured in the Al Jazeera 'Labour Files' documentary series

Isabel Cooke Secretary, Bradford and Shipley Trades Council 

Omar Haramy, Palestinian, Director of Sabeel, an ecumenical grass-roots liberation theology movement among

Helen Powell, signing as a Christian

David Myles

Sebastian Paemen

Paul Scarff, a court officer

Mihai Martoiu, a Dutch national

Elaine Ashley

David Yeates 

Rimone Newman, British/American

Fiona Leach, a retired academic and aid worker

Nick Elvidge

Jerry Headley, a University Director 

Rosie Atkins, retired


Carolyne Darmanin, a retired civil servant

Professor Denis Mollison

Elizabeth Morley

Barbara Cairns 

Mark Marshall

Mike Scott, retired Trade Union organiser

John Smith, Professor Emeritus of Fine Art, University of East London

Keith White

James Dickins, Professor of Arabic, University of Leeds

Laura Necchi-Ghiri

Matthew Bragg, Anglican

Robert Boyce, retired academic, Anglican

Lyn Ellerker

Michael Mood

Sussan Rassoulie

Anne Saunders

John Cagan

Steve Roman

John Yatchisin 

Deirdre Malcolm

Alfred Gliddon

Helen Rosen, Jewish

Averil Barlow, practicing Roman Catholic, Irish

Caroline Raine

Clare Johnson, family carer and World Vision sponsor, spiritualism

Paul Hughes-Smith 

Derek Perkins 

JanDeckers, a Belgian living in the UK, Senior Lecturer in Medical Ethics and a member of CAMPAIN

Professor Susan Buckingham, retired

Michel Trainer

John Earle, a welfare rights adviser

Donald Saunders, Quaker

Marjorie Mansfield

Sally Skaife, an art psychotherapist

Roberta Child, a retired teacher

Alan Maddison

Rev Stephen Sizer, Director of the Christian Peacemaker Trust, Anglican

Des Byrne, a retired fire officer

Susan King, Anglican

Lesley Bryan

Torla Evans, a thoughtful empathetic human, Welsh

Penelope Ormerod, Quaker

Jane Casmally

Susan Brown

Mark Hollinrake

LindaWhittern, Quaker

Tumble Bone

Greg Harrowing

Thomas Coady

Ian Brown

Damon Chaplin

Chris Proffitt, retired teacher, Anglican

John Hodkinson

Stephen Latham

Helen Corkin, retired teacher

Helen Pearson

Peter Breingan

Jacqueline Griffin

Walter Zuk

Simon McKeown, systems designer, and Anglican of St Mary's Rotherhithe

Phil Baptiste, farmer

Roger Galley

David Selzer

CharlottePeters, atheist

John Knight

Chris Higgins

Margaret Ling

Sue Smith

Gillian Cohen, British/South African

Liam Physick

Dianne Cox, retired Anglican Priest

Michael Larcey, retired nurse and Catholic priest

Tracy Nelms, Catholic

Linda Lefevre

Penny Porter

Dave Owen

Susan Jones

Chris Gardner

Joanne Molyneux

Lysander Hardy-Pearce

Catherine Feeny

Isabel Tomlin, an Anglican Christian

Clive Semmens, a non-religious Jew

Jane Macintosh, Anglican

Ian Kemp, retired psychologist

Alexander Gavin, Scottish

Jane Collier  

Pete Barclay    

Colin Oxenforth, an Anglican priest

Helen Heenan 

James Smith   

John Adams, Anglican

Tomasz Pierscionek    

Bridget Fowler, Emeritus Professor of Sociology 

Barbara Gilmurray, Roman Catholic 

Anthony Symmons, Welsh

Dennis Elphick, Anglican (carrying the name of an Anglo Saxon prior and archbishops of Canterbury)

Jeremy Lax, retired social worker, Quakers

Judith Blaker, Buddhist

Seamus O'Connell    

Peter Blaker, teacher

Tony Graham

Andrew Buglass  

Roger Coates

Jane Deutsch

Angela Martin 

Peter Allen, Anglican

Macrina Walker, an Orthodox Christian from South Africa who grew up under apartheid and recognized it when she saw it in Palestine. 

Omar Shamma 

Sadi Sherriff    

Graham Bell    

Simon Hannington, signing for Karuna Action 

Arthur Marchant   

Coralie Thomson

Howard Harris 

Christopher Gaynor, Anglican

Tim Barlow

Marian Carty, university lecturer, Roman Catholic,  Irish

Jon Flint   

Nicholas Ruch, Atheist

Amer Saabi,  Muslim, Palestinian/Australian

David Carter  

Peta Lunberg 

Michaela Griffin, Anglican communicant 

Kathy McCubbing    

Clayton Palmer, gig economy worker

Stewart Whitehead, retired mental health nurse, humanist

Thomas Austin

Rowena Luke-King

Belinda Hunte    

Deborah Darnes, a Christian not associated with any denomination  

Paul Grunnill, Atheist

Pamela Manning, humanist

Karen Hall 

Mike Cushman, Membership Secretary, Jewish Voice for Labour, an atheist of Jewish heritage  

James Turner 

Angela Royston 

Arthur Jarrett 

Frank Winfield, atheist

Robert Royston, retired journalist

Gill Hewitt, Anglican

Graham Atkinson

Pam Hardyment

David Platt

Bridget Neate

Robert Storey, retired refugee aid worker   

Geoff Stoddart 

Dr Eric Windgassen, consultant psychiatrist

Omar Aysha, a writer, Jewish

Thomas Stackhouse, Anglican

Jess Brady, a retired payments manager, Christian

Mike Young    

Jackie Wrafter, Charity Director

Brian Wakefield   

Pam Swift, a retired Anglican priest

Gerard O'Rourke, Irish

Pat Melia 

Andy Simons, signing for 

Kelsey Cowling  

Maureen Purcell,  Christian

Rosemary Mackenzie, retired headteacher

Rosie Hague, pediatrician, a Christian open to spirituality expressed in other faiths and cultures 

Nicola Hall, a psychoanalytic psychotherapist

Sangeeta Lyons   

Cath Kibbler, retired charity worker

John Coates, a consultant non-destructive testing engineer

Barbara Iqbal   

Francesca Panza, retired architect, Italian

Paul Stewart, a company director, Anglican

William Barnett    

Alison Morgan, former Anglican

Frank Beckett    

John Metson

Judith Reynolds, retired teacher

Steve Hoyland 

Cormac Kelly, retired teacher, atheist, British/Republic of Ireland nationality, signing for Socialist Alternative

Ed Myatt    

Maggie Ganley    

Dee Grimes Hayward 

Simon Dewsbury, retired lawyer

Peter Balaam, Christian

Mary Dwyer    

Gregor Cuff, Clerk in Holy Orders, Anglican 

Andrew Morris 

Ivor Moody, Jewish born atheist

Lars Gideon Petersson,  Swedish citizen resident in Scotland 

Jo Alexander, retired teacher, agnostic

Benjamin Treuhaft, 'Jewish Episcopalian atheist',  US/UK nationality

Derek Ashton, Christian

David Goldberg, Jewish

Susan Myatt    

Anthony Baldwin 

Patrick Schan, Canadian

Lesley Brown, Christian

Lisa Hitchen  Catholic  Irish

Florence Germain    

Miriam Wood

Tom Salmon   

Jeanette Fletcher, sole trader 

Stephen Whiting, Quaker

Duncan Thomson, firefighter

Judy Cunniffe  

Charley Young

Janet Crosley    

Sue Woodhead-Marsh 

Barbara Corr, artist, Anglican, Irish/British nationality

David Riley 

Nigel Haines 

David Pinto, musician musicologist, Christian

Rosemary Nash, Christian

Paul Steele

Ann Brandon 

David Hawkins, Anglican

Sue Sibany-King, Branch Secretary, Christian

Amal Ghusain, city councillor, signing for Exeter City Council FT steering group

Nicholas Taylor, clergy of the Scottish Episcopal Church, signing for the Church's Group on Palestine

Terry Savage    

Clive Neil 

Lorcan Smith, retired engineer and atheist  

Gill Bee, Christian

Veronica Simpson 

Tricia Griffin,  Quaker

Jan Benvie, Scottish Episcopal Church

Ian Finn

Sonia Davey  

David McDowall, Anglican

David Dean, company chairman

Martin Kernick, Post Christian

Sally Dawson  

Cornelia Bower 

james brooks 

Emrys Jenkins, retired (university) academic 

Andrew Hunt, Anglican Christian

Elspeth Strachan, Scottish Episcopal Church 

Nina Heaton 

Charles Wheeler    

Talib Shah  

Enid Gordon, a retired but still active Methodist minister

Lynne Davies, retired teacher

Angela Picknell

Arantza Gaba    

Anthony Phillips 

Kevin White, signing on behalf of LibDems Policy & Philosophy Group 

Jim Malone   

Ivano Darra, Italian

Jennifer Runham

Hilary De Santos, retired teacher, Jewish 

Nadia Feiner 

Leonard Beighton, Anglican

John Garrett, retired university lecturer

Caroline Byrt   

Steven Blakemore   

Mikey Tynemouth    

Averil Parkinson   

Lisa Diver, specialist in quality assessment

Chris Allen    

Stephen Olive    

Trish Silkin    

John de Carteret, Christian, British/Jamaican

Rob Gardiner   

Timothy Oxton, agnostic

Chitranga Diyasens, accountant, Buddhist

Revd Dr John Anderson, from West Musselburgh, Scotland 

Michael Duffy    

Colin Lomas, Anglican

Dr. David Hanraty, retired GP, Anglican

Jonathan Edwards, Anglican

Trevor Ault 

Angie Mindel    

Amy Fletcher    

Philip Adams    

Magan Singodia, retired lecturer, Anglican 

Dorothy Brownlee  

Mike Cahill    

Brendan O'Brien, retired GP, Catholic Christian, Irish/British

Nic Lee   

Shau Sumar  

Ronald Mendel, associate lecturer, US citizen

Duncan Nimmo   

Bob Walker, Anglican

Gregory Monks, Christian

Christine Barnard, retired lecturer and translator

Reiner Tegtmeyer, self-employed, German/British

Charlie Friel    

Jeff Fiddes, Anglican

Caroline Brooke, Church of England

Irene Sedler, retired teacher

Chris Critchley, member of CAMPAIN

Caroline Moor

Nigel Godfrey    

Karen Frontera, Anglican

Ian Cuthbertson

Peter Richell  

Brenda Barnard  

Ronald Kercher, Anglican

Razia Dean    

Ronald Webster, British/Welsh

Stuart Littlewood, writer

Sylvia Finzi  

Rod Walters retired lecturer, Church in Wales

Jane Marshall, granddaughter of Eastern European Jews  

Gareth Adamson    

Tim Munton, Buddhist  

Valerie Mann    

Pat Price-Tomes, 'Quaker if any!'  

Mariette Clare, Quaker  

Ian White    

Johanna Alberti, Quaker  

Anthony Gratrex, Christian  

Adam Waterhouse, member of CAMPAIN, Buddhist    

Michael Wright    

Robert Board    

Rita Loddo    

Sarah And Team Co-Moderators, SE London Lewisham Friends Of Palestine 

Chris Preston

Marc Truscelli, Christian background, French

Ruth Ross    

Ann Newton-Marcial

Jackie Townsend, retired acupuncturist  

Naomi Junnor, social worker, Scottish

Lindsay Shaw, Christian, active Anglican member  

John Morris   

Sarah Sheriff, Co-Founder Muslim Community Helpline 

Bridget Chadwick, Quaker  

Hugh Wallis    

Hugh Walker, Anglican  

Jacqueline Alsaid, Lawyer

John Compton  

Gavin Lewis, Academic/Writer   

Jenny Richardson    

Alice Severs    

John Baker, retired teacher and musician, Quaker-ish  

David Plank, retired local authority chief executive and director of social services   

Julie Watson,  Christian  

Steph Archer, Local Authority Project Manager   

Paul Rechnitz, Musician, Jewish  

Jenny Kassman    

Rufus Francis    

David Lancaster    

Patricia Miqdadi, Buddhist  

Kathy Hamilton, retired teacher, Christian, Cambridge 

Andrew Hornung    

Roshan Pedder    

Alistair Dawkins, Nurse   

Heather Mendick, Jewish  

Les Storey    

Mohammed Ahmed, Chartered Accountant   

Illinois Cook

Marc Lancaster    

Fiona Norman    

Joan Barnett

Alana Heaney, Irish

Dafydd Ladd, Welsh

James Parker, Scottish

Sai Brace    

Susan Cox  

Clare Copeland    

Patricia Heatherington    

Alyson Read, Parish Councillor, Christian  

Malcolm Bradstock, Aetherius Soc.

Johnny Moxley, Irish

Marc Beishon    

Austin Fletcher

Chas Hayes, Irish

Dr Rodney Watts Signatory JJP, member JNP Charismatic Christian (Regions Beyond)  

Rin Roche    

Richard Pink, horticulturalist, Christian, signing for Barton Plants 

Michael Calderbank    

Bernard Grant, Anglican  

Margaret Sheridan, Anglican, Irish

Susannah Hughes, Christian  

Shuna Watkinson    

Sandra Law    

Jane McArthur    

Ellie Palmer, Emeritus Professor/Law/Human Rights, British/ Austrian

Victoria Putler    

Marius Kwint, Academic, Anglican heritage

Jan Marsden, retired mental health professional

Nicola James    

Emily Fawcus  

Jenny Hardacre    

Paul Scott, Consultant, Anglican  

Robert Wyatt, Musician   

Joanna Mingham, Christian  

Sara Williams, Christian, Welsh

Mark Crichton, carer  

Matthew Collings, artist/writer

Daniel Condon, Architect, Irish

Alfreda Benge, Artist, Austrian

Mark Benfold    

Judith Hammond, Quaker, Bradford on Avon Friends of Palestine 

Raimo Kangasniemi, Finnish

Margaret Howard    

Tom Tamplin, Christian  

Sharon Shohfi,  Christian

Mary Whitby,  Roman Catholic 

Omar Haramy, Palestinian, Director of Sabeel, an ecumenical grass-roots liberation theology movement among Palestinians, signing for Sabeel

Jafar Ramini    

Anthony McCabe   

Audrey White    

John Lydiatt    

Sheila Gorman Flynn    

Frances Naggs 

Cathryn Everiss    

Rhodri Windsor    

Gill Ross, practising Christian 

Cammy Mackenzie, Clergyman, Church of Scotland

Kenneth Tomkins, Christian  

Dawn Charmaine Morgan, Christian   

Lynn Howes, Christian  

John Burgess    

Eleanor Jones    

Kitty Warnock    

Jenifer Devlin    

Ann Boyne, Rc  

James Collins, Rector/Parish Priest, Anglican, Australian

Tracey Battison    

Jesu Lucas    

David Butler, Irish

Gill Day    

Marisa Drucker    

Tony Booth, Environment Officer, Jewish Voice for Labour

Val Bodels   

Elaine Malcolm, solicitor, Anglican  

Simon Birnstingl        

Mary Carlin    

Philip Glaysher    

William McCarthy, Roman Catholic, Irish

Lucy Moy-Thomas    

Sharon Browne, support worker  

Jean Fardoe    

Michael Westcombe

Margot Williams    

Sue Richards

Mark Sharkey  

Anne Laville    

Susan Campbell    

Helen Turner, retired social worker, Christian  

Daphne Hunter, Irish

Moira Mcdermott, Roman Catholic  

David Littlewood    

Afif Abu-Rish   

Pamela Burton   

Art Butler, Marine Electronic Engineer   

Steven Fox

Kailash Kutwaroo    

Pam Jones    

Linden Lynn    

Ben Tooley    

Peggy Breckin, Roman Catholic

Alexandra Panagiotarakou Johnson    

Neil Kenny, Scottish

Teri Cardinalli    

Maha Elias    

Jacqueline Charles    

Brenda Langworthy, Yeovil 

Anne Susan Olive, retired adult education teacher, Evangelical Anglican  

David Epstein

Diane Pearson    

Andrew Papworth, retired social worker, Humanist

Penny and John Leigh-Brown    

Jill Murphy    

Munsif Khan    

Robert Plumb, Mental Health Law Trainer  

Gavin Williams, Welsh

Rod Everett    

Rich Knapper, Consultant

Mark Ralph-Bowman    

Peter Harding, Anglican  

Shazia Gleadall    

Susan Ferguson    

Michael Jones

C Sweeney    

Clare Willison, Christian  

John Patrick Connolly  

Anita Gill    

Wendy Taylor, Anglican  

John Mitchell

Susan Thompson    

Julie Ryan    

Yvonne Davies, Anti-poverty  

Maureen Lindsay    

Robert White, Anglican  

Jackie Walker

Paul Mcmahon, unpaid carer, Roman Catholic, Scottish

Ian Westell    

Steve Kinneavy    

Muge Dindjer    

Tali Chilson, Academic, Roman Catholic  

Edward Vanderpump    

Carol Grayson    

Gerard Whoriskey

Peter Symons, Roman Catholic, Welsh

Richard Harris    

Patrick Towey    

Caroline Harris, retired nurse, Roman Catholic, Irish

David Fairn, Canadian

Anthony Grove    

Helen Bentley    

Lisa Pearce    

Emilia Clark    

Louise Lee    

Jacqueline Robinson    

Ruth Gould, Anglican  

Derek Chadwick, Christian  

Sarah Trousdale    

Keven Bennett    

Sue Cooke    

Anthony Sperryn, Christian (Anglican)  

Roger Kelly    

Cherry Barnett    

Nicola O’Connor    

Julie Dent    

Anita Kanani, NHS staff member, Hindu  

John Rogers, Unison 

Rabah Bengherabi    

Sally Garland    

Levette Callander, a believing Christian, Scottish

Stephen White    

Doreen Clifford, retired teacher 

Dave Rendle, Welsh

Gordon Brocksopp    

Tricia Scott, Psychotherapist, Anglican 

Elizabeth York    

William Robson    

Ruth Sakr    

Brenda Poole    

Shah Allybokus

Kelvin Yearwood 

James Taylor    

Rachel Nassif, Christian

Christine Dawson    

Jane Ball    

Cyril Wheat    

Margaret West, Visiting Research Fellow, Roman Catholic

Peter Hague, Anglican/Quaker  

Nicola Gray    

Jane Maskell    

Bob Marshall, Quality Manager, Catholic  

Tony Burford

Richard Lockwood, Retired Fire Officer

Eileen Foley, Irish

Carol Anthony    

Jodi Thomas    

Tom Wright    

Deirdre Sloan, Irish

Nicola Wheeler, carer, Roman Catholic  

Catherine O'Brien  

David Kane, Scottish

Sally Davies, signing for Jewish Justice for Palestinians, Leamington Spa, part of JfJfP(UK) 

Chris Price  

Juergen Rose, retired Christian school teacher, Anglican Network in Canada, Canadian/South African

Gordon Smith Taylor, Scottish

Alan Christopher    

Jinty Rowley    

Wayne Hallam    

Paola Manduca, Italy

Andrew Dickie,  Anglican, retired barrister and teacher 

Ken Mapley, Member of CAMPAIN

Michael Cook, Welsh

Iqbal Sram, Barrister at Law   

Irene Ridgeon, Quaker  

Jennifer Moore-Blunt, Christian 

Chris McCabe, volunteer   

Simon Power    

Michael French, retired trade union officer   

Sandra Walters    

Hilary Collinson, retired minister of religion   

Josephine Taylor, Anglican  

Mike Dixon, retired Anglican priest

George Peel, Humanist (Atheist), British (Irish).

Bernard Spiegal    

Barry Fuge    

Helrn Wallage, Anglican  

Christopher Fox    

Lorraine Tye    

Anne MacRae, Scottish

Catherine Gilsenan    

Colin Horwood    

Peter Hudson    

Pauline Hardman    

David Terry, railworker, Christian  

Fred Orton    

Lynn McAllister, Anglican  

Tracey Tebbutt, patient coordinator/phlebotomist   

Julia Raine, customer service, Roman Catholic  

Rita Berry    

Fiona Jones    

Mark Ruark    

Peter Sire    

Peter Kynaston    

Karen Dow    

John Austin, former MP   

Martin Luter Zinn, Managing Director, Anglican  

Jacqueline Bowe    

Diane Rogers, Welsh

Susan Erswell    

Pat Mood, Anglican  

Sylvia Marchant    

John Mood, retired senior probation officer, Anglican  

Suzanne Looms, Anglican    

Laura Pelling, student   

Peter Gillard    

Afryl Kelly    

Nicholas Weaver, retired architect   

Michael Deadman, university professor, Atheist  

Terry Pearson    

Martin Woodford    

Huw Spanner    

Martin Golding, retired university lecturer and psychoanalytic psychotherapist, Jewish  

Karl Schneider, Anglican  

Anne Glendining    

Wendy Patterson    

Patrick McDonald    

Paul Arnold  Anglican  

Joe Catron, Orthodox Church in America, U.S.

Catherine Hughes    

Sandy Kennedy, retired lecturer, Roman Catholic  

Malcolm M Sawyer    

Alice Bondi, Jewish, British  and Austrian

Adrian Stern    

Sue Fuller    

Katy Rowe, Christian  

Alison Selwood    

Ian Duff    

Jane Lambe    

Zhale Rasekh    

Tony Greenstein, Atheist  

David Booth    

Shifeeq Ahmed    

Anthony Quinn    

William Campbell    

Stephen Jackson    

David Townsend, Ordinand at United Reformed Church  

Muhammad Ali Nasir, Professor, Muslim  

Malcolm Ede, Anglican  

Mary Wilson, ex-Catholic  

Glenn Martin, pensioner, Theist 

Shafia Stevens    

Simon Patterson    

Hilary Crook, Anglican, St Albans Friends of Palestine 

Annie Macfarlane, Church of Scotland  

David Kidner    

Geoffrey Curl, opposition to the abuse of Jewish people as political footballs   

Joseph Gorniak    

Roma Mills, social worker, Roman Catholic  

Eleanor Care, Christian  

Patricia Pile    

Lindsey Iqbal    

Peter Kirker    

Ann Eggboro, Member of the Methodist Church

Camille Fidgett, Roman Catholic

Hilary Price    

Norma Frye, Christian  

James Lenoel, British and Irish

Susan Blackwell, university lecturer, United Reformed Church  

Robin Bradbury, retired priest, Christian  

Margaret Dunne, Roman Catholic  

Linda Middleditch    

Noel Hamel    

William Johnston, Jewish by race, but not by religion  

Carole Stuart-Mc Ivor, writer, Pantheist, Scottish

James Hall    

Frances Kay, writer   

Abe Hayeem, architect, Jewish, signing on behalf of Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine 

Lynne Edwards    

Ann Molloy    

Martin Prior, Unite 

Alan Pulverness    

Patricia Senio, retired secondary teacher   

Graeme Atkinson, retired journalist, Atheist  

Ian Hart, television director, Catholic  

Aman Qureshy    

Sylvia Roberts    

Bob Walker    

Anthony Grant, Christian 

Brian Precious    

Dorothy Macedo    

Catherine Grummitt    

Eve Hill    

Rosalind Austin    

Janice Joannou, Christian  

Stephen Williams, retired secondary school headmaster, Methodist

Paul Fox    

Sabera Islam    

Bernice Jervis    

Martin Read, retired teacher   

Robert Lizar, solicitor, Jewish  

Gerard Daly    

Alma Yaniv    

Ruby Lescott    

Graham Ogden    

Terry Clarke, Jewish  

Vanessa Smith, Anglican  

Dodie Ritman

Greville Mills, Methodist local preacher   

Maria Elizabeth Pettit

Angela Peoples    

Jacqui Bartram, Agnostic  

Linda Balfe, clergy spouse, Anglican  

Julie Hope, retired teacher   

Pam Jakeman    

Paula Moorhouse, Humanist 

Keith Mallinson, Advocate   

Elizabeth Dresner, Jewish  

Pete Firmin

Andrew Kerswell, Christian  

Geoff Taylor, retired teacher, non religious, solidarity member of Jewish Voice for Labour 

Brenda Brown 

Annie Blindell 

Gillian Nielsen    

Izzat Darvazeh, professor   

Pete Magee, Catholic, Irish

Simon Pearson, member of St Saviour's PCC Chalk Farm, Anglican  

Leslie Hartop    

Eileen Gibson, Irish

Catrin Thomas, interpreter, Welsh

Roy Bly    

Christopher Wallis    

Alison Errington, no religion but baptised  

Mike Whitehead    

Adrian Scandrett, former Methodist  

Ingrid Haas    

Wendell Lionarons, psychiatrist, Christian, Dutch

John Mclaughlin  

Robert Castell    

Nick Jenkins, journalist   

Pam Thorn, retired priest, Anglican  

Jennifer Kidman, retired teacher   

Jenny Foster    

Peter Newham    

Ali Reynolds    

Anthony Hagger, unpaid carer   

Malcolm Adkins    

David Rennie, Scottish

Chick Mc Kain    

Malcolm Segall, retired paediatrician, Jewish

Stephen Hadden    

Robert Barrett    

Phyl Scorfield    

Sheila Barrett    

Joanna Barker, Protestant  

Jane Weston    

Mary Sullivan, Irish

Caroline Sabin, artist, Jewish

Stephen Carlill    

Clare Daly, nurse   

Colin Fairburn    

Damian McCarthy, Christian  

Andrew Davidson    

Tom Gooodall    

Alan Deadman    

Adrienne King    

Stephen Morley    

Mai Waby    

Jenifer Landor    

Lynne Lane, retired social worker 

Francesca Brock, carer's allowance recipient 

Andrew Parfitt, Anglican  

Jean Turner, retired teacher   

Simon Locke    

Vivian Lobo, Catholic  

Edward Hulme,  Anglican  

John Davidson    

Dorothy Davidson, Presbyterian  

Barbara Ash    

David Collison    

Barbara Brend, historian of Islamic art, Anglican churchwarden  

Stan Was    

Diamond Versi    

Janet Gardiner, English/Irish

Ken Archer    

David Jones, retired Anglican priest, British/South African

Adrian Banham    

Ian Love, Christian (Methodist)  

Zohar Chamberlain Regev, Muslim, Israeli/German

Jean Buckland    

Leon Jevons, Jewish  

Edna Leys, Scottish

Richard Samson    

Robert Gallagher, priest, retired Anglican Inner City Vicar, still advocating and commenting 

Ranil Hewavisenti    

James Kemp    

Angie Hudson, retired social worker, Christian

Val Ormston, Christian  

Shaun Pye    

Za’imah Bordone    

Chris Gill, artist   

Stephen Conlon, Roman Catholic  

Mark Jones, Britain Yearly Meeting, Religious Society of Friends, Quaker  

Lindsey Colvin-Fox    

Martin Tolley, Anglican  

John Martin    

Nabila Elahi, Islam  

Eller Everett    

Collin MacDonald    

Gerrard Sables, trade union and community activist, communist party branch secretary   

Sue Vaughan    

Barry Ackerman    

Tim Rossiter    

David Margolies, Emeritus professor, Jewish (non-religious)  

Charlotte Bailey, school governor, humanitarian 

Duncan Taylor, Amnesty International 

Patrick Fludder, Roman Catholic, Bursar at Worth Abbey, Sussex 

Paul Wimpeney, retired teacher, ex-Roman Catholic, British/Irish

Baroness Dr Jenny Tonge, Anglican  

Scott Ward    

Rod Cox, organiser of an exhibition of Palestinian Children's Art held in Liverpool Cathedral & chaired by the current Archbishop of Canterbury

Kevin Tulliver, retired teacher   

Morad Moursi, academic   

Bernadette McGowan, Roman Catholic,  British/Irish

Diana Wallis    

Gladys Williams, retired mental health professional, Anglican  

Ian Ampleford    

George Paxton, Unitarian  

Colin Morris 

Barclay Lane, ex Conservative local councillor   

Rachel Darwazeh    

Claire Davies    

Tim Towers    

Ruth Thomas, Anglican  

Jennifer Joy-Matthews, Quaker

Angus Geddes, member of the United Reform Church  

Tim Bushell, retired hospital consultant, Anglican  

Joe Cairns  

Diane Langford    

Janet Davies, Anglican  

Annie Power, retired teacher, Humanist, Irish/British

John Cornwall    

Gregory Paul Turner, United Reform Church  

Vivienne Bolton  

Alan Marsden    

Anne Belworthy    

Louise Chick, church administrator, Christian  

James Norman Wright, retired teacher, NEU 

Bernard Griffiths    

Dick Allwright, retired teacher, Humanist  

Michael Latham    

James Tracey, Christian  

Peter Betts    

Lucy Goodison, author   

Peter Mone, Irish

Dr Francis Clark-Lowes, writer, Unitarian  

Lesley Dawson, retired university lecturer, Anglican Christian 

A Prasad, Scottish

Nick Connors    

Susan Elworthy, Anglican  

Phil Thomas, Anglican congregant member  

Keith Armes    

Nicholas Brady, Catholic  

Nell Potter, Executive Officer, signing for Christian Palestine Israel Ecumenical Network (PIEN), Australian

Ian Rodley, New Zealand

Jeff Marchant    

James Douglas 

Jacqueline Collins, Anglican  

Kate Blair    

Richard Segall Jones, Atheist  

Frances Armes    

Steve Kendall    

Joanna M. Coxhead    

Caroline Routledge, mental health nurse   

Derek Bird    

David Swindells, retired teacher-trainer, Quaker

Frances Bernstein, Jewish  

Hilary Povey, professor   

Patricia Swindells, Christian  

Alison Phelps, Harehills Lane Baptist Church, Leeds  

Richard Johnson, retired social worker   

James Chiriyankandath, Unitarian, Indian

Maria Yeaman    

Costandi Bastoli, Roman Catholic, Australian

Alison Brown, Anglican  

Peter Panayi    

Jill Eastland    

Abbas Hussain, retired human rights lawyer   

Joachim Neff, British/German

Sue Hamilton, Christian, Scottish

George Mason, retired family doctor, Quaker  

Edward Knasel, Quaker Local Meeting Clerk 

Susan Fitzpatrick, Catholic  

Eve Middleton      

Natalie Strecker

Veronica Leeke    

Mary-Anne Potts    

Richard Hopper    

Christopher Gwyntopher, retired refugee and migrants caseworker, Quaker  

Susan Milner, teacher   

Celia Adams, Anglican, East Devon Justice for Palestine 

Adrianne Lake    

Elizabeth Clarson, Buddhist  

James Turley    

Tareq Khamis    

Jon Ellis, retired primary school teacher   

Peter Last    

Nicola Hall, psychotherapist   

Janice Dickson    

Egbert Harmsen, Dutch

Vera Baccino, Christian  

Mike Davies, Atheist  

Ian Poole, writer, Roman Catholic  

Lin Patterson, Quaker, dual US/UK citizen

Paddy O'Keeffe, actor, Humanist, Irish

Shama Alam, Muslim  

Colin McKean, retired G.P., Parochial Church Council, St Agnes Toxteth Park, Anglican  

Carol Taylor-Spedding, Christian  

Max Cook    

Kate Adams    

Terence Roberts    

Peter Lyons    

Kholoud Porter, Muslim  

Adrie Breugelmans    

Andy Stillman, education retired  

Christiane McKeown, Scottish

Kay Murphy, Unite Community 

Anne Blair-Vincent    

Bill Vincent    

Deborah Darnes, Christian  

Garry Strudwick    

Linda Ruhemann    

Paul Stewart, company director, Anglican  

Graham Davey, retired teacher, Quaker  

Yasmin Quayyum, lawyer, Muslim  

Christopher Ellis    

Isabel Clarke, clinical psychologist, Anglican  

Lucy Zawadzki, occupation/role: Citizen of Gaia; Quaker  

Vin Cass    

Ken Moon, Chair RCT Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Welsh

Paulina Palmer, university teacher retired, Warwick University 

Rod Jones    

Phil Crowe    

Theresa Waterhouse    

Kathleen Zimak, retired headteacher of Anglican school, Anglican, representing Sabeel-Kairos NW  

Tricia McLaughlin    

Alison Jones    

Susan Willmott, Anglican  

John Hall    

Eddie Powell    

Faiq Tukmachi    

Jonathan Puttock    

Adam Holden, Irish

Clive Darling    

Revd Richard Wise, parish priest, Anglican  

Nick Swabey, retired professor, lapsed Christian  

Jane Lee    

Gemma Battison    

Adam Rawat    

Tricia Goddard, Anglican  

Stephen Gamble    

Peter Goodall    

Eva Kulakiewicz    

Angela Cargill, Christian/Anglican, from welcoming refugees in Crediton 

John Dunn, health and safety professional   

Carole Plummer, retired nurse, Christian  

Mark Pennell    

Tracy Firby    

Phyl Hoadley, Christian, Evangelical Alliance  

Tim Spence    

Asa Winstanley, journalist from the Electronic Intifada   

Jean Sullivan    

Bernadette Meaden    

Jason Motz, freelance writer, Humanist, Canadian

Basil Valentine, broadcaster   

Yolanda Williams, retired nurse   

Simon Caplan, Scottish

Charles Broadfoot, Roman Catholic  

Jackie Garland    

Guy Darrer    

Robert Jackson, Roman Catholic, PSC member, Scottish

Anthony Collins, Roman Catholic, Irish

Michael Harrison, Christian  

Anne Holland    

Gill Holland    

Joan Aldarab, British & Irish

Prof VL Russell, academic   

Dorothea Khamis, Palestinian of Christian heritage  

George Graham, Scottish

Sandra Hamrouni    

Sarah Johnson, Irish

Patricia Banke, Christian  

Linda Baker, Zen Buddhist  

Alwyn Hornsey    

Gillian McGarry    

Roy Mowatt    

Jack Thomas    

Patrick Sheehan    

Burton Steck, U.S.

Linda Bache    

Warren Bardsley, Methodist minister  

Anthony Hall, Agnostic  

Ian Malcolm-Walker    

Patrick Lonergan    

Glynis Freeman    

Juliet Molteno    

Robert Horsfield    

Beatriz Maldonado    

Vanessa Stilwell (daughter of Jewish refugee)

Andy Wales    

June Lamb    

Salim Bhatoo    

Linda Lundie, Roman Catholic  

Neil Shenton    

Mike Rahr    

Michael Noble    

David Roger    

James Stuart, Australian

Peter Dowse    

Kim Arrand    

Mark Pickard, retired dispatch clerk, teacher, Atheist  

Paula Derry    

Neil Lieberman, retired solicitor, Jewish  

Douglas Macari    

Nina Davies    

Yvonne Arnaud    

Philip Ward, Jewish origin   

Nadia Amara    

Hilary Lester, member of the Eastern Orthodox Church, British/Irish

Ian McDonald    

Kathlyn Gadd, retired chartered accountant   

Nathan Finkelstein, Swiss

Eric Cooke, Malaysian

Vejay Patel    

John Chalcraft, Professor of Middle East History and Politics, Department of Government, LSE    

James Bate    

Jane Foxworthy    

Darryl Sugg    

Gabriel Peachey    

Gregory Harris    

Diana Neslen, Jewish  

Angelika Golz, Christian, German

Marilu Cavaliere, Italian

Alan Wheatley, confirmed Anglican, Quaker since late 1970s  

Nicholas Butcher    

Lee Whitaker, Anglican  

Carola Mathers, retired consultant psychiatrist, Buddhist  

Daphne Gilbert    

Jawed Siddiqi, Emeritus Professor, Sheffield Hallam University   

Catherine Bjarnason    

Josephine Tyrconnell-Fay, Roman Catholic  

Andrew Carter    

John Richard Hunter    

Cathy Farnworth, researcher, Christian, British, German

Roger Iredale, Emeritus Professor of international education, Quaker  

Alan Wright    

Pam Wortley    

Roger Spettigue    

Ann Soo, Christian  

Javed Chaudhary    

Mohammed Sahmoude    

Tom Hall, playwright, Irish

Michael Shanahan, Roman Catholic, member of Scottish PSC 

Mujahid Islam, Muslim  

John Brown    

Michael Caffrey, Irish

Sophia Deeg, German

Hazel Roy, theatre director   

Mushtaq Ahluwalia, retired UK civil servant   

Barbara Kay Lawrence    

Mark Elf, ambulance care assistant, Jewish  

Peter Gudynas    

Peter Short, Roman Catholic  

Mervyn Hyde, Anglican  

Chris Martin, retail assistant, Roman Catholic  

Mahrose Mohsin    

Jeanne Capozzoli, an Episcopalian from the USA

Ken Baker    

Asif Khamisa    

Gary Griffuths 

Muhammad Naeem, engineer   

Jill Azzouzi, Muslim  

Geoffrey Turner, retired university professor  

Nicholas Fisher    

Judy Granville    

Jo Rawsthorne    

Barry Watson    

Peter Kent-Baguley, retired university tutor

Gillian Brown

Nicola Malleson

John Puntis

Michael Holmes

Avril Alexander

Jenny Granville

Antoinette Mangion, follows the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth

Dr Scott Mann, retired Law Professor, Western Sydney University, British/Australian

Michael Gilligan

Carolyn Gelenter, teacher

Michael Shaik, Australian

Martin Lawford

Robert Jarman, parish administrator, Anglican, Australian

Anne Gray, retired academic researcher

Alan Booker

Rada Daniell

Hugh Willliams, retired psychologist

Teresa King

Jonathan Tibbo

Helen Stollar, lapsed Jew

Stuart Phillips, Christian, Welsh

Christine Watson, lecturer, Orthodox Christian

Colin Barnes, economist

Judith Wardle

Steve Fisher


Mike O'Shea, Atheist

Canon Barry Naylor, Anglican priest

Ruth Gillett, Christian

Erica Brook

Janice Gupta Gwilliam

Mike Craig, social campaigner

Keith Russell

Taraneh Ahmadi-Parker, British/Iranian

Muriel McConaghy, Irish

Helen Foster, Anglican

Sharon Morgan, Welsh

Kste Collins, Irish

John Upright, Methodist

Federica Sanna Valle, Italian

Deborah Mahmoudieh

Lissa Roy, Christian

James Charles

John Goodman, co-operator, non-practicing Jew

Anne Warren, retired teacher, belongs to the Uniting Church Australia, Australian

Suzanne Gannon

James McGuire

Phillip Johnson, Scottish

Marion Roberts, Emeritus Professor

Juls Price

Georgina Basset

Hamish Coubrough

Dinah Barry

Huw Lloyd, Welsh

Robert Beard, NHS111 Service Advisor, Anglican priest, UN/Republic of Ireland

Sarah Doyle

Denys Delahoyde

Janice Clark, Christian

Michael Reed, lifelong campaigner for international human rights

Michael Hughes

Tom Rawlinson, cultural Christian

John England

Julie Harrington, disabled, Roman Catholic, Scottish

Daniel Phillips, retired engineer, Roman Catholic

Nazim Merchant

Adrian Wait, former community development worker, Christian

Andrew McFadden, Anglican

Les Sheppard

Heulwen Baworowska, Orthodox Christian

Alexander Harper, company director, Anglican

Eldin Fahmy, academic

Richard Seaford, Professor of Ancient Greek, Anglican

Teresa Mohamed

Alison Hardwick,  Methodist

Richard Layton, Executive Officer, Brynbala Farm

Grace Murphy

Lynn McKinnie

Julia Silezin, Secretary, Rhondda Cynon Taf Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Church in Wales

Michael Vaughan

Sameena Ahmad, doctor

Ian M Allan, Christian, Scottish

Dr Amanda Garrie, retired Lecturer

Ishaq Aslam

Colin Stroud

Clare Kennedy, Catholic

Rajan Rijhwani, Canadian

Catherine Connolly

Jo Walton, retired/full time unpaid carer, Christian

Olufemi Okeniyi, Christian

Stephen Novy

Sarah Cave

Maria Afghan

Zinab Awad, American

Maheen Afghan, student

David Sheehan, retired teacher, practising Roman Catholic, British/Dutch

Gary Howkins

Mark Jervis

Rod Jones, retired social worker

Richard Van Heeswyk, Muslim

Amina Mangera, community activist

Habib Ejaz

Zahir Aziz, citizen

Sohail Zafar

Helen Brown

David Williams

Arthur Tewungwa, Protestant, Ugandan

Mahatma Hemry, web adminisrator, Christian, USA

Colin Mewett

Marija Skorupski, Christian

Kathleen Forslund

Shah Makujina, American

Andy O'Neil

Liz Shephard

Balvinder Sopal

Paul Neill

Pete Gregson, NHS project officer, signing for One Democratic Palestine

Kagelelo Mphetolang, Anglican priest, from Botswana

Michael Quinn

Narinder Bassi

Jocelyn Hurndall, author of 'My Son Tom: The Life and Tragic Death of Tom Hurndall'

James Martin, Christian, Irish

Simon Wood, Scottish

Kathy Washington, Black American

Ciarán Suter, Ireland

Jamie Stroud

Michael Evans

Jan King

Annar Follesø, Roman Catholic, Norwegian

Michael Francis Bazzant

Rob Wall, retired care worker, Unison member

Murray Glickman, retired university lecturer, culturally Jewish

Mo Ayoub, IT manager

Linda Watson, retired social worker

Judy Haiven, member of Independent Jewish Voices Canada, Jewish, Canadian

Mike Green

Gillian Russell, Anglican

Nicola Wearmouth

Brendan Blake

Chris Somes-Charlton

Pamela Parsons

Linda Price

Alan Mackie, retired financial journalist and consultant specialised in the Middle East, and particularly Egypt

Doug Hewitt, retired Assoc. Professor at Australian Catholic University, of Uniting Church in Australia, and signing for Christians for Peace Newcastle, Australian

Lyn Langford, no religious exclusivity

Marie Ang, Anglican

Peter Moore, nurse, Buddhist

Marjorie Finlay, Christian, Scottish

Peter Hutchinson, retired Anglican Clergyman

Polly Griffith

Lorna Thompson

John Mitchell

Jonathan Maytham

Guinevere Tufnell, consultant child & family psychiatrist (retired) and family therapist

Richard Comaish, Quaker

Maggie Gothard

Mary Brown, Quaker

Gail Murden, Anglican

Ann Lawrence, Christian

Jeremy Hawthorn, Anglican

Martin Smith, retired psychiatrist, ex-Anglican

Debbie Smith

Chris Helm

Beth Gibbons

Anthony Stapleton, Irish

Patricia Hughes

Stephen Branscombe, retired NHS scientist

Merryn Williams, poet

Brian Smith, Christian (of various denominations, including Anglican)

Monica Bolton, retired doctor, Christian, member of ecumenical church including Anglicans

Lorenzo Ramero, Italian

Felicity Taylor

Tony Troughton-Smith

Rosemary Vincent

Mary and Tony Winter, Welsh

Christine de Pulford

Gary Jakings

Nicola Stroud

Vanessa Pool, clinical supervisor, Chair of Peterborough Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Lisa Duignan, student, American

Gilli Howarth, Christian - Anglican

Andrew Crockett, Christian

Dorothea Jessop, Anglican

Philip Wagstaff

Jean Fitzpatrick, from London

Claire Jackson
Kathryn Wilson, Anglican
René Gimpel, Jewish
Angela Chapel
Jonathan Chaplin, Lay member, Ely Diocesan Synod, Anglican
Laura Swaffield, journalist, Anglican
Ellen Graubart, artist
Linda Speight, Committee member Jewish Network for Palestine
Stewart Eames
Joe Martin, Anglican
Con Carroll, Irish
Beverley Cottrell, Australian
Jacob Ecclestone, Former Deputy General Secretary of the National Union of Journalists, Christian
Caroline Hope
Françoise Pinteaux-Jones, Anglican TSSF, Allied Translators, British and French

Ali Al-Zubaidi

Linda Lindan, retired teacher

Julie Pearn, Anglican

Linda Poulson

Susan O'Neill

Susan King

David Hall

Sarah Hinks

Total of approx 1,340 signatories to date

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